Introduction to Unconscious Bias | Lesson 8 / 10

How Does Unaddressed Bias Impact You, Your Work, and the World?

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What does it mean to have a blind spot?

Not being able to see a full field of vision
Not being able to see a certain area behind you while you’re driving
Not being able to categorize people, places, or things into groups
Not being able to see how your unconscious biases affect your judgment and decision making

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Your colleague says that unconscious bias is hard on individuals, but doesn’t have any cumulative effect on society. What can you say to him?

When unconscious bias occurs throughout a system, it can be the basis for many of the inequalities we see in our society.
He’s right, but we should still do our best to be more inclusive on an individual level.
Unconscious bias actually isn’t that hard on individuals. It’s only bad because of its effect on society.
Unconscious bias has an effect on society, but only individuals can do anything about it.

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