Address your unconscious bias | Lesson 9 / 10

How Do I Keep Bias from Influencing My Work?

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Your colleague is working on an important project and wants to keep unconscious bias from having an impact. What can he do?

Nothing. There’s no way to mitigate the effects of unconscious bias.
Make sure he’s not making decisions under pressure, when he’s distracted, or when he’s feeling extreme emotion.
Find someone who can play “devil’s advocate” to his ideas, then go with what they say.
Only make decisions when he’s in a happy mood. We tend to be more thoughtful when we’re feeling good.

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Your colleague just solicited feedback from a group on a design proposal she’s about to send out. Some members of the group pointed out a few things they thought were questionably biased. Your colleague thinks they’re overreacting. What should she do?

She should trust her instincts. Outside perspectives are valuable, but they don’t always take the bigger picture into account.
She should take their feedback into consideration. We don’t always see what others see, which is why we need feedback from multiple perspectives.
She should make some changes but not all of them. You don’t want work to be biased, but it’s important to take risks.
She should get a second opinion. If the group doesn’t unanimously think that the proposal is biased, then she doesn’t need to make changes.

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