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How Do I Identify My Biases?

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Your coworker decides to take the IAT and is upset by the results. What could you say to comfort him?

The IAT isn’t always completely accurate, so if he’s upset, it’s probably because the results were wrong.
If he’s upset now, he should just imagine how other people feel when they’re affected by his unconscious bias.
Everyone has unconscious bias, and while it’s normal to feel defensive, it’s ultimately good to find out what our unconscious biases are.
The IAT isn’t a sentence of bias, but it is a fairly accurate determination of how good a person you are.

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Your coworker has gone through a bunch of exercises and gotten feedback from those around her in order to start to identify her unconscious biases. What is the next step?

She should give feedback to others so they can identify their own biases.
She should make promises of ways in which she will change her behavior and decision making to be more inclusive.
She should name her biases. Identifying them specifically makes them real and is the first step towards addressing them.
She should take the IAT -- it’s the only way to really know what your biases are.

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