Introduction to Unconscious Bias | Lesson 1 / 10

How Do Biases Shape Our Sense of Normal?

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You tell your coworker that you had soup for breakfast and she says that’s messed up. Is her thinking prescriptive or descriptive?

Descriptive: She’s using words that express her feelings towards eating soup for breakfast
Prescriptive: She’s telling you that soup is the correct breakfast choice for a healthy lifestyle
Descriptive: She’s using the words “messed up” to evoke an image of the untidy state a breakfast soup can create
Prescriptive: She’s turning her norms into a judgement, saying you’re “different” breakfast choice is “wrong”

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Your coworker doesn’t get the connection between norms and unconscious bias. How could you explain it to him?

Unconscious biases are normal, and not having them would make you different from everyone else.
You might unconsciously think that something “normal” is right and something “different” is wrong, which can impact your judgments about people around you.
Everyone is different in their own unique ways, and there’s no such thing as “normal”.
Being “normal” means you’re not different enough from everyone else, so you can’t make valid judgments.

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