Get Your Team Involved with Onboarding

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Onboarding isn’t just about you and your new hire getting on the same page.

It’s a team effort. 

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Of course, every new hire has to spend time getting set up with the HR and IT teams. But consider this: who else at the company could help make their onboarding experience as rewarding as possible?

Members of the new hire’s team
The headhunter who found them
As many employees as possible – the more, the merrier

Involving a wide range of people in a new employee's onboarding will get them off to a successful, rewarding start.

Here are four ways of ensuring that your onboarding process is a team-wide success:

Involve Leadership

Schedule some time for department heads to meet with the new hire and tell them about their teams, goals, and what they look forward to seeing from the new hire. That will make the new employee feel valued and well-informed.

Give Them a "Buddy" 

Connect the new hire to an experienced employee to help show them "the ropes" about the company — but not necessarily their particular job duties. This person can be from inside or outside their department. If you can make the introduction before the new person’s first day, even better.

This takes some pressure off you in getting the new hire oriented, and gives them someone they can ask questions where they're not worried about imposing on their manager's (your) time.

Plan Team Activities

Putting on fun events — both social and work-related — is a great way to build the kinds of connections that can only strengthen your company.

Make it clear to your colleagues that a great onboarding experience is in everyone’s best interest.

The stronger and more organized the onboarding process, the more engaged and willing to contribute the new employee will be. So make sure everyone shares responsibility for the person’s first few weeks.

Not only does having more people involved in onboarding improve your new hire's experience, it also boosts morale for everyone who helps out.

Remember to:

- Involve Leadership

- Give Them a “Buddy”

- Plan Team Activities


Onboarding that brings together all employees gets everyone aligned on the company’s direction — and promotes a culture of inclusion and teamwork.

How will you develop that kind of onboarding process?

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