Get Recognized for Your Remote Work

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1. Check in

At the beginning of a remote work day, briefly check in with your manager and review what you did yesterday, what you’ll do today, and if you have any blockers.

2. Highlight achievements

Send an email to your boss whenever you finish a noteworthy project or task. Make sure to highlight the value it will bring to the team.

3. Track your time

Even if it’s not required, give time tracking a shot. Sometimes the best way to show hard work is to highlight how much time it took to complete.

Get credit where credit is due, but let’s be clear: most of the time, there’s no need to worry. The goal is to show your progress and prove you’re accountable, not to make you worry or feel paranoid.

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Sierra often works from home. Whenever she does, she checks in with her manager at the beginning of the day. Aside from tracking her work hours, how could Sierra get recognized for her remote work?

Ask her coworkers to put in a good word for her by independently highlighting her work to their manager.
Set up a second daily check-in with her boss at the end of the day, so that she can take him through everything she’s done remotely.
Send email updates whenever she completes noteworthy projects, including how they will benefit the team.
Selectively add time to some activities when she’s tracking her work hours.


Use the sheet on the following card as a regular reminder to make sure you're getting recognized for your remote work.

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