Get Ahead of Potential Discrimination in Hiring

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Discrimination leads to an
exclusionary work culture and
puts your company at legal risk.

Even though we all have
bias, there are actions
you can take to mitigate discrimination in hiring.

Why should you take preventative action to avoid discrimination?

You protect your company from
potential discrimination claims

In 2016, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) received 91,503 charges of workplace discrimination. Many times, workplace discrimination happens because of bias creeping into decisions at work. If there's an unlawful action, you could cost your company thousands of dollars in defense and jury verdict costs.

You make your team stronger
and more diverse

A discrimination-free hiring process allows you to tap into a wider talent pool and potentially bring more diverse minds onto your team. According to the World Economic Forum, efforts to avoid discrimination in hiring proved to support innovation and economic growth in the long run.

Avoid discrimination — focus on a candidate’s qualifications instead.

Let’s practice!

While looking at resumes, Jackson notices that one applicant listed work experience at a community theatre. Having worked at a community theatre in high school, Jackson is looking foward to interviewing her and chatting about their common work history.

Why should Jackson reevaluate his decisions before calling this applicant in for an interview?

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Why should Jackson reevaluate his decisions before calling this applicant in for an interview?

He needs to see if she would be a good culture fit at the company.
He needs to ensure his personal bias doesn’t affect the hiring process.
He needs to consult his coworkers about his decision first.
There are probably other candidates with similar theatre experience.


What would your team be like if that person wasn't hired because of someone’s bias during the hiring process?

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