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Enact the Change Through Small Wins

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Urzua didn’t focus on the half-mile of rock in front of him. He focused on helping his team achieve daily results.

To bring short-term wins to your team:

1. Set targets

Create short-term targets within your larger goals – such as weekly milestones within a six-month project.

2. Monitor progress

Use a visual tracker to tie your targets to the updated plan. And communicate with your team if they fall off track.

3. Celebrate success

Your team should feel the impact of their work as soon as possible. So when they hit their targets, recognize them.

With the right incentives,

you can guide your team past any obstacle.


To enact short-term wins:
1. Set targets
2. Monitor Progress
3. Celebrate Success

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Your colleague doesn't understand why she should bring short-term wins to her team, because she's planning a large end-of-year celebration for when they hit their biggest goals. What's one thing you can tell her to convince her that short-term wins are beneficial?

In the digital era, people's attention spans are shorter so they need to be rewarded more frequently.
Even if her team isn't making progress, she needs to make them feel like they're winning at all times.
Her team will feel more motivated to keep executing toward the end of the year goal if she rewards them along the way.
She shouldn't put all of her resources into one celebration event because some team members might not be able to make it.

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