Delegate to Improve Your Team's Performance

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Delegation is a crucial skill for managers, and has benefits beyond your personal earnings. Being a skilled delegator will allow you to:

1. Discover new freedom in your role

Delegating work allows you to free up time to focus on things that require your experience and energy, like strategic thinking and planning.

2. Grow your team’s skills

Delegation allows you to give your team members work that stretches their abilities and grows their skills. As they get better, your team gets better and more productive.

3. Strengthen your organization

Delegating important tasks to your team helps them buy into the overall goals of the company, not just their own work or the team’s.

Delegation isn’t about assigning boring tasks to your workers. It’s about giving your people discretion that’s not inherent in their role, like the power to lead a big project, or the responsibility to work with other teams.

And it’s a skill that you can learn.

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You recently delegated the planning of a sales lunch to a team member. What does this allow you to do?

Have more time to recharge your batteries during the day.
Groom the team member to become your assistant in the future.
Grow the team member’s event-planning skills.
Show your boss that you know how to run a team.

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