Create a Great First Day for New Hires

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A great first day can set the stage for a productive and successful partnership with your new hire.

Your first order of business is simply to welcome your new employee. Be ready to greet them when they arrive, and to give them a tour of the office.

Of course, you should also show them to their workspace, help them set up equipment, and get final paperwork squared away.

Throughout all of this, make sure to introduce them to their new co-workers.

In fact, many managers even make a point of sending company-wide announcements welcoming new members to the team.

If you assigned the person a new-hire mentor or buddy during the pre-boarding process, make sure to introduce the two of them in person.

Now for the fun part!

Aside from the required orientation activities, leaders should also try to inject some personality into their onboarding experience.

Get new hires excited about joining! And doing that doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, or expensive.

There’s no right way to create a great first-day onboarding experience. But make it fun, make it different, and make it personal.

How can you showcase your company’s culture and values?

And given what you know about your new hire, what kinds of onboarding activities might they enjoy most?

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Tomorrow is Michael’s first day as your direct report. During the pre-boarding process, you’ve gotten to know him a bit. He has a goofy sense of humor, loves to travel, and has expressed interest in finding out more about the company. Which of these first-day onboarding activities probably would NOT excite and engage him?

Introduce Michael to your team and have everyone answer a series of unconventional questions about themselves.
Have members of each department present about what they do.
Have Michael and his colleagues add pins to a world map showing where they’ve traveled, studied, or lived.
Give a presentation on work-appropriate attire.

Aside from discussing the dress code, any of those options would be good ones! Some other fun ideas might include:

Recording welcome videos from several members of the team, then sending them out before Michael’s first day

Out-of-office intro activities, like icebreakers or team lunches

Microlearning lessons (like this one!) to kick off Michael’s training immediately

Whatever methods you choose, make sure they align with your company’s overall culture — that is, with the vision you want to set for your new employee.


Remember: first impressions count. So make your new hire’s first day a memorable one, for all the right reasons.

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