Cope with Change Fatigue

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We've all felt burned out.

But knowing how to cope will make you more resilient.

To avoid change burnout:

1. Prioritize self-care

Too often, we sacrifice the little things that improve our quality of life – like sleep, exercise, and nutrition. But employees who prioritize wellness are less stressed and more productive workers.

2. Build relationships

When things start to feel overwhelming, who do you turn to for advice? Setting up a support system of trusted colleages at work will help keep you grounded.

3. Switch it up

Neuroscience shows that insight and discovery are more likely when we change our routines. So when you’re hitting a wall, just stop – take a walk or listen to music.

By building up habits of self-care,
you can beat the burnout.


To avoid change burnout: 
1. Put wellness first
2. Build work relationships
3. Switch up your routine

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Your colleague recently told you that project changes cause her so much stress, she's having trouble focusing, and thinks her quality of work is suffering. What's one tactic that you can recommend to help her mitigate fatigue?

Ask to be assigned to lead projects that seem less likely to change.
Set aside fifteen minutes a week to get coffee with a colleague and not discuss work.
Explain to her manager that she doesn't cope well with change, and shouldn't lead projects.
Work as little as possible until she starts to feel more rested.


How many times have you stood up from your desk today? Try setting regular reminders for yourself to switch up your routine – even if that just means taking a lap around the office.

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