Connect to Your Team as a Leader

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As a leader, don't just tell your team what to do.

Identify their values, hopes, and concerns, and relate to them.

To make that connection with your team:

1. Work alongside them

There’s a lot of power in being a physically present leader. Don’t shut yourself up in your office – walk around, ask questions, and listen to any concerns.

2. Get to know them offsite

3. Tell them what success looks like

When you communicate clear steps that employees can take to prove themselves, they'll trust that you're rooting for them.

And, once you’re a member of the group, you can be its best advocate.

Time for a quiz.

You were recently hired to lead a team of designers, replacing their previous manager who left the company. Which of the following is the best thing you can do to establish an early connection with your team members?

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You just started as a manager. Which of the following is the best thing you can do to connect to the team?

Share details from your personal relationships to show people that you think of them as your friends.
Gain their favor by promising them all raises within the first six months.
Let the team write the goals and strategy for the quarter, out of respect for their experience at the company.
Ask each team member out for coffee and get to know their personal and professional goals.

The correct answer is D.

By taking the time to get to know individuals, you'll show your team members that you care about who they are – not just about what they can do for you.

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