Discrimination for Managers | Lesson 11 / 13

Confront Discrimination Proactively

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What are two aspects of a good anti-discrimination policy?

Defines discrimination, and outlines clear consequences for discriminatory behavior
Identifies company-wide problems, and gives specific examples from the last few years
Is written by all members of senior leadership, and includes all employees
Makes sure the general tone of the office is one of respect and openness, and employees collaborate effectively

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You notice your colleague Sheila has been considering only white male candidates for a promotion, despite the diverse pool of qualified candidates in her team. What can you do to address this discrimination proactively?

Let the other candidates know they are being discriminated against and ask them to report it.
Report Sheila to the EEOC.
Let her know her actions could be seen as discriminatory and point her to the company policy.
Try to interview some diverse candidates yourself but make sure not to step on Sheila’s toes.

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