Get Your Team Comfortable with Change | Lesson 2 / 5

Communicate a Change to Your Team

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By putting the change in the right frame,

you'll help your team buy in faster.

To communicate change:

1. State the purpose
2. Paint a success picture
3. Share your plan
4. Tell your team their part

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Your colleague is preparing to communicate a change to her team. She wants to outline why the change is necessary, and what her plan is. Why should she also take the time to paint a picture of what success looks like?

Her team may not listen to the details of the plan, and will need a quick summary of the outcome.
Some might be more visual thinkers, and will need graphic representation to understand.
They need her to promise success before they devote their time to the change.
They'll be more motivated to change if they're convinced that they'll be better off because of it.


Quick: think of a recent change that you took part in, and practice running through the four Ps for yourself. Why did the change need to happen? What was the goal outcome, and the plan to achieve it? What was your part in this plan?

At the time of the change, did your project lead communicate these points to you?

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