Commitments That Make

Remote Work Successful

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Working remotely only works if the whole team buys in.

You need to come to an agreement before you start. If you're about to begin working remotely, you'll need to ask for certain things from your team, and in return, there are certain promises you'll need to make to them too.

Your team will likely have unique details they'll need to agree to, depending on your type of work. But there are a few general ones that are helpful for everyone.

They include:

A promise to be responsive

You'll have to commit to being easy to reach by phone, or email.

A commitment to inclusion

Your team will commit to including you in team activities and making an effort to make sure your remote status does not affect your status on the team.

These are just two examples. There is a guide to common asks and promises on the next card.

Download the Remote Working Asks and Promises Worksheet 
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There will be other commitments you’ll need to make depending on the specifics of your team. You may need to work specific hours, or come in to the office once in a while.

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Allison is about to start working remotely. What's something she should probably ask her team for before she starts?

That they avoid having in-person conversations without her.
That they respect her home life by not disturbing her after 5PM.
That they all agree to start working remotely more often.
That they commit to videoconference her into meetings.

Whatever it is, stick to it. Your remote arrangement will only work if you and your team are committed to making it happen!

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