Commit to Transforming Your Sales

5 Min

With effort and the right tools, you can build a change that lasts.

Hear it from real Sandler successes:

When it comes to transforming results, you’ll get what you give.

Change comes only through application and reinforcement.

Time for a quiz.

Ashley thinks that adopting a sales system will solve all of the problems with her sales. She’s beginning training and believes that it can transform everything about her career. Is Ashley assuming correctly?

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Are Ashley’s assumptions about sales training correct?

Yes, but only if she takes ownership of the training and commits to practicing it consistently.
No, she would need a lifetime of training before she can truly master new techniques.
Yes, sales training is proven to bring results to everyone who takes part in it.
No, she needs to create her own sales system from scratch, and learn these lessons on her own.

The correct answer is A.

Sales training can help Ashley improve her results — if she brings commitment and effort to the table.

You have the tools to own this training –

it’s up to you to reap its full rewards.

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