Closing a Sale

5 Min

Don't just sell your product or service.

Find the prospect's problem,

then sell your solution.

In Stage Three of the Sandler Selling System, we close the sale.

The steps of closing the sale are fulfillment and post-sell:

1. Fulfillment

This is where you present your solution to the prospect’s problem – and get either a yes or a no. Don’t overload the prospect with additional decisions by offering them extraneous features and benefits. If they’re not directly solving a prospect’s problem, they don’t belong in the presentation.

2. Post-sell

The sale doesn’t end once you close the deal. Some people will have second thoughts about their decision. Get ahead of any buyer’s remorse by revisiting potential roadblocks. Once the buyer feels safe and confident, you can discuss future business and request referrals.

By presenting a specific solution and taking time after the sale, you’ll lay the groundwork for a lasting customer relationship.

Time for a quiz.

Arturo just received a verbal commitment for a sale and is about to send over the contracts for his new customer to sign. What should he do next to continue closing the sale?

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What should Arturo do next?

Send his new client a celebratory email to thank them for their time and dedication.
Let his new client know that extra benefits can easily be added to the contract at a discount.
Go over the contracts word by word with the client to prevent miscommunication.
Ask about any potential roadblocks one last time to help his client feel assured in their decision.

The correct answer is D.

Arturo should review possible challenges to get ahead of any potential buyer’s remorse.

Consider this:

Where does the presentation usually take place in your sales process? Would your presentation improve if you waited till you had more information about the buyer's needs?

Lesson complete