The Sandler Selling System | Lesson 7 / 10

Building and Sustaining a Sales Relationship

5 min

Break the pattern.

Build a sales relationship to last. 

In Stage One of the Sandler Selling System,
we build and sustain the relationship.

Show the prospect that you’re not wasting anyone’s time, and you'll set the precedent for an equal, trusting partnership.

Time for a quiz.

Alicia just got on a call with a prospect and wants to build trust by establishing a rapport. What should she do first on the call to make that connection?

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What should Alicia do on the call to make that first connection?

Ask the prospect about their weekend plans.
Ask candid questions about the prospect’s challenges.
Tell the prospect that she’s ready to answer their questions.
Tell the prospect a relatable story from her past.

The correct answer is B. 

Alicia needs to signal early that she’s a professional who can help solve the prospect's problems.

Consider this:

The next time you have an opening sales conversation, try asking more questions. For example: briefly summarize a common problem that your company solves, and then ask, “How does that compare to your experience?”

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