Build Trust on Your Team as a Leader

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To build trust on your team:

1. Trust them first

When setting goals, tie execution back to values that your team will need to succeed – such as persistence and humility. Then, tell them you trust they'll model these values.

2. Get in the trenches

The team needs to know that you’re willing to make sacrifices for them. Small gestures of loyalty go a long way.

For instance, if part of your team needs to stay late to finish a project, stay and work with them until the job is done.

3. Hold yourself accountable

...and tell your team that they should hold you accountable, too. That means admitting when you make a mistake, and encouraging your team to voice their feedback.

When you put the team’s values and goals ahead of yourself, your team will follow you through any uncertainty.

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At the beginning of the week, you tasked three team members to create the deck for a presentation you're giving at a client meeting on Friday. On Thursday night, your team members let you know that it's taking longer than anticipated to find all of the data, and that they'll need to stay late. Which of the following is the best approach to gain their trust?

Let them know that you'll be available on email all night should they have any questions.
Make sure to stop by their desks before you leave to tell them that you appreciate their hard work.
Do your best to help them find what they need, and stay with them until the deck is complete.
Tell them that the entire team will take a time management training so that late nights don't happen again.

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