Sexual Harassment for Employees | Lesson 6 / 13

Avoid Visuals that Are Offensive

2 min

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Sarah was the last employee to leave work. She noticed that the screen saver on Steve’s computer contained sexual content that made her feel uncomfortable. Is this sexual harassment?

Yes; this constitutes a hostile work environment.
Yes; it was clearly targeted behavior that meant to make Sarah uncomfortable.
No; there was no one else in the room when Sarah saw it.
No; the screen saver wasn’t meant for anyone else to see.

Quiz 2 of 2

Omar wants to hang a swimsuit calendar at his desk. Though he knows some people who will like it, all employees will be able to see it, and Omar is afraid this might be inappropriate. What can you suggest Omar do?

Put up the calendar and wait to see if anyone complains.
Hope that other people will find the calendar amusing.
Hang the calendar assuming that everyone knows who it’s intended for.
Don't hang up the calendar assuming others will find it offensive.

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