Address your unconscious bias | Lesson 7 / 10

Avoid the Pitfalls of Diversity Efforts

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Your colleague wants to make sure she has a diverse group of people giving input into the direction of her new project. How can she help ensure this?

Set a quota for the number of people she wants working on the project who represent different demographics.
Assemble a group of individuals that have different ways of thinking, without worrying about the other facets of diversity.
Identify the categories she feels she needs in order to have a diverse group, then make sure she fills at least 80% of them.
Focus on diversity across all spectrums, including diversity of opinion and other qualities that are hard to see.

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Your friend is on the diversity and inclusion committee at his office. What can he do to ensure diversity efforts don’t result in tokenism?

Focus more on structures that result in inclusiveness, rather than focusing on representation from specific demographics.
Create ambitious quotas to ensure that even if he can’t achieve them, most demographics will still be well-represented.
Only focus on demographics that are unrelated to race or ethnicity, so that he minimizes the risk of creating an uncomfortable space for some people.
Eliminate practices like “blind hiring” that give an unfair advantage to people who don’t have prior connections or references within the organization.

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