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Anticipate Resistance to Change

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Resistance to change is normal.

To detect signs of resistance:

1. Listen for gossip

Check your people's tone. Do you sense frustration, sarcastic comments, and hushed conversations? Are typically open team members closing off? There may be a breakdown in trust on your team.

2. Look for slowdowns

Are team members slower to respond to emails, or reluctant to adopt new processes? This could be a sign that people aren't convinced yet, and need extra incentive to get on board.

Stay alert for these signs,

before they get in the way of your success.


To detect change resistance on your team:
1. Listen for gossip
2. Look for work slowdowns

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Recently, your colleague started using a new time tracking system that will require every team member on her project to account for every work hour. Which of the following is something she can do to detect which employees might be resisting to the change?

Listen in on their personal phone conversations for any mention of the new system.
Randomly select people, and ask them to admit which of their colleagues are complaining the most.
Watch her team's facial expressions for signs of dissatisfaction while they're using the system.
Listen for loaded comments or sarcasm when she discusses the new system with colleagues.


Think about the last time you were really frustrated with a change. What did you wish that your project lead or manager had said to you, to help you understand why the change was positive?

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