Align Your Team's Beliefs With Your Goals

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With any new plan, you can gain more support by connecting your goals to your people's pre-existing beliefs.

To channel team beliefs toward a common goal:

1. Start with their values

Does your team prize putting the customer first? Or do they pride themselves in the quality of their product? Reinforce what you know matters most to your team.

2. Link to the future

Once you’ve established your common ground, connect the dots to the outcome you want to drive as a team.

Say you manage a manufacturing site, and you're introducing a new system of safety checks on all shipments. You can frame these checks as the link between valuing your customers, and ensuring their continued safety.

3. Build a shared identity

Let your team know that their shared values and goals set them apart – and can drive them to make a real impact.

Once your people share a collective purpose, they'll be motivated to work for something larger than themselves.

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Your company recently introduced a peer feedback system that will require your team to review each person they work with. Which of the following is the best approach to get your team on board with the new system?

Tell your team that you know that giving feedback is time-consuming, and that you'll ease up on deadlines until the process is complete.
Tell your team that you tried your best to talk management out of imposing this system, so that they know that you respect their time.
Remind your team that they strive for transparency and continuous improvement, and then frame the feedback as an opportunity to gain both.
Give your team an incentive for completing the feedback, such as a happy hour, to reward their cooperation with the system.

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