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Set up a blog and start publishing today: all of your Tumblr questions answered, in one-minute videos.

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17 Lessons, 16 Quizzes

Tags: Keep a Blog, Social Media

Post and Share on Tumblr

Create text posts, edit posts in bulk, and manage queued posts.

  • How do I Make a Tumblr Text Post?
  • Post Photos From the Web or Your Computer
  • Show Off your Favorite Quote
  • How Do I Share a Link on Tumblr?
  • Post your New Favorite Song
  • How do I Create a Tumblr Video Post?
  • Schedule a Tumblr Post for Later
  • How do I Share Posts on Facebook and Twitter?
  • How Do I Build a Backlog of Posts?
  • Cite Sources of Content you Post
  • Make a Tumblr Post for Only a Select Few
  • Post on Tumblr via Email
  • Pay to Have a Post Shown More Places
  • Edit or Delete a Post
  • Edit Several Tumblr Posts At Once
  • Edit your Timeline of Scheduled Tumblr Posts
  • Like or Comment on a Tumblr Post
  • Share Cool Posts Anywhere
  • How do I Ask a Question on a Tumblr Blog?
  • How do I Send a Message to a Tumblr User?

Create Your Custom Blog on Tumblr

Start a new blog, customize the theme, and create a group blog.

  • Explain Tumblr in 60 Seconds
  • How do I Set Up a Tumblr Account?
  • How do I Create Another Blog?
  • Give your Tumblr Some Personal Flair
  • Add a Bio Page to Your Tumblr
  • Add a Unique Page to your Blog
  • Why are Redirect Pages so Useful?
  • What Do People Really Think of Your Tumblr?
  • Host Your Tumblr Blog on Your Own Site
  • Collaborate with Others on a Tumblog
  • Allow Others to Submit Posts
  • Control your Tumblr Dashboard
  • Automatically Share your Tumblr Posts to Facebook
  • Protect Your Tumblr Account
  • Find Blogs on Tumblr You'll Love
  • Chat With Friends Using Babblr
  • Follow your Favorite Topics on Tumblr

Learn how to use Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to create a custom blog and post short-form blog content on the web. Learn how to set up a blog, post content and share via social media with our quick and insightful videos. Take your blogging skills to the next level by learning how to create and customize your blog.

In these lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Post and Share on Tumblr
  • Create Your Custom Blog on Tumblr

Tumblr Training & Development Courses

Grovo's online platform gives your team the tools they need in order to master the creation of a Tumblr blog. Our platform will help you develop your team's Tumblr skills and advance within your organization as a blogging influencer. Watch, learn and test your team’s knowledge with Grovo to make the best of your Tumblr training.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Our integrated reporting system will ensure your team is consistently developing the essential skills necessary to perform on Tumblr. Tumblr training through quick one-minute videos helps individuals on your team develop into blogging professionals. Our reporting system provides:

  • A flexible reporting interface
  • Overview of your team's performance
  • Report cards and detailed spreadsheet reports
  • Customizable email reports

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