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With solid negotiation skills you will never need to worry about finding a resolution again. Learn how to negotiate with your peers, your boss or outside vendors to get what you need to do your best work.

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30 Lessons, 16 Quizzes

Tags: Advance Your Career, Collaborate and Manage Projects, Selling & Marketing, Work & Productivity

Fundamentals of Online and Offline Negotiation

Whether it's advocating for your favorite lunch spot when going out to eat with coworkers, or navigating a complicated multi-party deal with contacts around the world, the need for negotiation skills is all around us.

  • Two Ways to Approach a Negotiation
  • Negotiation Styles
  • Prepare Yourself for a Negotiation
  • What are ZOPA and BATNA?
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Use Emotions in Negotiation
  • Respond to Last-Minute Negotiation Tactics
  • Assess Whether to Negotiate
  • Choose the Right Negotiation Channel
  • Negotiate Over Email
  • Negotiate a Selling Price
  • Negotiate a Salary
  • Negotiate a Raise
  • Negotiate as a Team

Learning Negotiation in the Workplace

Negotiation is a crucial skill in any worker's development. Learning to negotiate will help your voice be heard and get you the outcome you need. Negotiating well will help you work together with others inside and outside of your company, and ensure that you and your negotiation counterparts reach mutually beneficial agreements. There are several negotiation styles and techniques, all of which are crucial to employee development and retention, that will help your employees feel more satisfaction at work.

In these lessons, your team will learn:

  • Fundamentals of Online and Offline Negotiation

Negotiation Training & Development Courses

Grovo gives you the content, technology, and service you need to learn strong negotiation skills. Our learning ecosystem will help your team develop negotiation skills and advance within your organization as a communications expert. Watch, learn, and test your team’s knowledge of negotiation styles and nonverbal communication with Grovo.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Our integrated reporting system will ensure thatyour team is constantly developing the essential skills necessary to ensure you're a negotiation expert. Training through quick 1-minute videos ensures that the individuals on your team are developing the negotation skills they need to continue to develop in their roles. Our reporting system provides:

  • A flexible reporting interface
  • Overview of your team's performance
  • Report cards and detailed spreadsheet reports
  • Customizable email reports

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