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Manage your professional identity: all of your LinkedIn questions answered, in one-minute videos.

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165 Lessons, 157 Quizzes

Tags: Advance Your Career, Manage Your Social Profiles, Selling & Marketing

Manage Your LinkedIn Profile

Start using LinkedIn, import a resume, and edit contact information.

  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • Import Your Resume
  • Edit Your LinkedIn Contact Information
  • Add or Edit a Profile Photo
  • Introduce Yourself in One Sentence
  • How Do I Change My Professional Background?
  • How Do I Show Off My Portfolio?
  • Hide Parts of Your Profile From the Public
  • How Do I Get Off LinkedIn?
  • Create an Impromptu Resume
  • Pick an Unforgettable Profile URL
  • See Who is Checking You Out on LinkedIn
  • Show Off Your Skills
  • Remove Skills and Hide Endorsements
  • Keep Your Groups a Secret
  • Add a Cover Photo

Apply for Jobs on LinkedIn

Search and apply for jobs, build and share a resume.

  • Find a Job on LinkedIn
  • Apply For a Job on LinkedIn
  • Print your Resume for a Job Interview
  • Send a Digital Copy of your Resume in One Click

Manage Your Company's LinkedIn Page

Add a company, add company information, and edit company logos.

  • Create a Company Page
  • Share your Company's Value Proposition
  • Brand your Company Page
  • Get Coworkers to Curate a Company Page
  • Post an Update to Your Followers
  • Share an Update With a Specific Group
  • How do I Promote my Company's Products?
  • Track Your Most Popular Updates
  • Create a Page for a New Product or Service

Connect with People on LinkedIn

Search and add connections, import contacts, and sync an address book.

  • Find a Specific User to Connect With
  • Get Updates on a Search
  • Connect With Your Email Contacts
  • Get in Touch With Contacts, From LinkedIn
  • Connect with People You May Know
  • Remember More Info About a Contact
  • Always Remember How You Met a Contact
  • Remember Something Important About Anyone
  • Organize your Contacts
  • Remove a Connection
  • Find Old Classmates
  • Search a Contact's Connections
  • Get Introduced to New People

Manage LinkedIn Account Settings

Manage activity broadcasting, what others see, and visibility settings.

  • Decide How Public to Make Your LinkedIn Activity
  • Keep Your Profile Views a Secret
  • Cut Down on Emails From LinkedIn
  • Prevent Others From Seeing Your Connections
  • Hide Certain Types of Updates From Your Feed
  • Limit Who Can Connect With You
  • Keep Your LinkedIn Secure

Get LinkedIn Recommendations

Request or review a recommendation, and recommend a connection.

  • Verify your Skills By Asking For Recommendations
  • Review Your Recommendations
  • Send a Recommendation
  • Vouch For Someone's Skills
  • Revoke a Recommendation
  • Keep your Recommendations Private

Use LinkedIn on Your iPhone

Share an update or post and add connections from your phone.

  • Edit Your Profile
  • See Who's Viewed Your Profile
  • Share an Update from Your iPhone
  • Tell Others About a Great Post
  • Congratulate Someone on Their New Job
  • Find a Job on LinkedIn From Your iPhone
  • Add LinkedIn Connections from Your iPhone
  • Download Connections
  • Inform Your Coworker of a Job Candidate
  • Add a Navigation Shortcut
  • Who's Coming to My Meeting?

Browse and Share LinkedIn Updates

Share an update, tweet from LinkedIn, and comment on an update.

  • Share an Update on LinkedIn
  • Send a Tweet from LinkedIn in One Click
  • Talk About a Thought-Provoking Link
  • Curate Your Business News Feed
  • Share an Article Via LinkedIn

Advertise on LinkedIn

Understand LinkedIn ads, where they appear, and start a new campaign.

  • What are LinkedIn Ads?
  • Where Will my Ads Appear?
  • How do I Launch an Ad Campaign?
  • Sponsor an Update
  • Target a Specific Audience
  • How do I Set a Daily Budget?
  • How do I Analyze Ad Performance?
  • Improve your ROI
  • What Is Lead Collection?

Participate in a LinkedIn Group

Find and join groups, start a discussion, and start a poll.

  • Find and Join Groups
  • Start a Discussion
  • Stay Up-to-Date on an Important Discussion
  • Limit Excessive LinkedIn Group Emails
  • What is a Subgroup?
  • Turn Off Group Emails and Invitations
  • Follow a LinkedIn User

Create a LinkedIn Group

Create groups, send invitations, and create and edit message templates.

  • Create a Private Discussion Space
  • How Do I Get More Group Members?
  • Promote a Hot Topic
  • How do I Remove a Member From a Group?
  • Save Time with Message Templates
  • How do I Approve Discussions?
  • Help! I See Inappropriate Content!
  • Decide Who's In, and Who's Out
  • How do I Edit Group Features?
  • What's the Easiest Way to Moderate Posts?
  • What Privileges Should I Assign Group Members?
  • How do I Let Users Post Without Permission?
  • How do I Create a Subgroup?
  • Pass Group Ownership to Someone Else
  • Make It Easier For People to Join your Group

Learn how to use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest online professional network that allows users connect and share knowledge important for organizational growth. Learn how to build up your profile as a professional all-star by accessing knowledge, insights and opportunities. Connect within your organization and with online communities dedicated to specific fields and industries.

In these lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Manage Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Apply for Jobs on LinkedIn
  • Manage Your Company's LinkedIn Page
  • Get LinkedIn Recommendations
  • Manage LinkedIn Account Settings
  • Connect with People on LinkedIn
  • Use LinkedIn on Your iPhone
  • Browse and Share LinkedIn Updates
  • Advertise on LinkedIn
  • Participate in a LinkedIn Group
  • Create a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn Training & Development Courses

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