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Don't let your smart phone outsmart you. All of your iPhone Tips and Tricks questions answered, in one-minute videos.

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61 Lessons, 60 Quizzes

Tags: Chat with Others, Collaborate and Manage Projects, Master Your Mobile Device

Take Full Advantage of Your iPhone

Connect to social networks, sync wirelessly, and enable Find My iPhone.

  • Find Anything on Your iPhone
  • Quickly Access Tools and Settings on the Fly
  • Find the App You Need Right Away
  • Tweet From your iPhone
  • Keep Your iPhone's Information Private
  • Add Emoji to your Messages
  • How Can I Tell My Phone's Vibrations Apart?
  • How To Not Answer Your Phone
  • Facebook Birthdays are Clogging My Calendar!
  • Sync Your iPhone Without a Cable
  • Protect Your Phone From Being Stolen
  • Find Your iPhone
  • Manage Your Photo Stream
  • Privately Share Photos
  • Keep Your Kids Safe and Secure
  • Wake Up to Your Favorite Song
  • Create a Reminder for Anything
  • Disable iPhone App Location Settings
  • Keep Apps From Overzealous Access
  • See Who's Called or Emailed You
  • Customize What Your Phone Alerts You To
  • Keep Your Most-Used Apps at Hand
  • Save Time While Typing
  • What's That Word Mean?
  • Snap a Photo in Three Seconds
  • Enhance Your iPhone Photos
  • Keep your Attention on the Task at Hand
  • Pick Whatever Ringtone You Want
  • Pick Your Phone's Background
  • Tweak Your iPhone's Visual Style
  • Send Messages to Any Apple Device
  • Share a File With a Nearby Friend
  • See Your Battery Percentage
  • Keep Apps From Wasting Your Data Plan
  • Use your Phone's Internet on your Laptop
  • Make Room for More of Whatever
  • Write Anything On the Go
  • Video Call From Your Phone in a Few Taps
  • Make an Ultra-Clear Phone Call
  • Turn Off Background App Refresh
  • Make Tiny Text Easier to Read
  • Share Photos and Videos on Flickr and Vimeo
  • Let Apple Be Your DJ
  • Use Your iPhone to Level a Picture Frame
  • Never Go Over Your Data Plan Again

Learn the Basics of iOS 8

Upgrade to iOS 8 and learn how to do the most with it.

  • Introduction to iOS 8
  • Search with Spotlight
  • Call or Text a Favorite or Recent Contact
  • Edit Group Message Details
  • Set Up Family Sharing
  • Search iOS Photos
  • Edit a Photo with iOS
  • Add a Custom Keyboard
  • Take a Photo
  • Take a Video
  • Edit iOS Photos
  • Edit Videos on Your iPhone

Learn the Basics of iOS 7

Learn how to take pictures right in the middle of the action, quickly access important settings, and share files wirelessly with AirDrop.

  • Quickly Access Tools and Settings on the Fly
  • Find Anything on Your iPhone
  • Share a File With a Nearby Friend
  • Find the App You Need Right Away

Learning iPhone Tips and Tricks

iPhones are a smart device created by Apple, Inc. Your iPhone allows you to access various applications and the internet as you would on a computer or tablet. Learn how to make the most out of your smart phone.

In these lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Take Full Advantage of Your iPhone
  • Learn the Basics of iOS 8
  • Learn the Basics of iOS 7

iPhone Training & Development Courses

Grovo's online platform gives you the tools you need in order to master productivity on your iPhone. Our platform will help you develop your team's iPhone skills and advance within your organization through digital productivity. Watch, learn, and test your team’s knowledge with Grovo to make the best of your iPhone training.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Our integrated reporting system will ensure your team is consistently developing the essential skills necessary to perform on their iPhones. iPhone training through quick one-minute videos helps individuals on your team become more skilled and productive smart device users. Our reporting system provides:

  • A flexible reporting interface
  • Overview of your team's performance
  • Report cards and detailed spreadsheet reports
  • Customizable email reports

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