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Google+, plain and simple social networking: all of your Google Plus questions answered, in one-minute videos.

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114 Lessons, 111 Quizzes

Tags: Chat with Others, Internet Fundamentals, Manage Your Social Profiles, Lifestyle

Master Google+ Hangouts

Start a hangout, call a phone, and work together on a doc

  • Introduction to Google+ Hangouts
  • Hang Out on the Phone
  • Let People Know You're Free to Hang Out
  • Hold and Record a Public Meeting
  • How Can I Mute My Microphone?
  • How Can I Use my New Headset?
  • Make Hangouts Run More Smoothly
  • Let Your Fingers do the Talking
  • Spice Up a Hangout with These Special Features
  • People are Chatting Me Too Much!
  • How Can I Mute Someone?
  • Stop Someone From Pestering You
  • Edit a Document While Video Chatting
  • Take a Snap of Your Chat
  • Screen Share with Ease
  • Start a Hangout

Use Google+ Hangouts for iPhone

Start and add people to a hangout, and share photos

  • Start Hanging Out in Three Taps
  • Call Any Phone for Free
  • Get More Friends In On the Conversation
  • Snap a Pic and Share it Instantly
  • How Can I Get Rid of a Conversation?
  • Three Ways to Limit Excessive Notifications
  • Chat From Multiple Accounts in Hangouts
  • Send and Receive Messages
  • Hangout on Google

Manage Your Google+ Profile

Edit information, change photos, and view profile as someone else.

  • Explain Google+ in 60 Seconds
  • Edit Your Google+ Profile Information
  • See What Others See on Your Google+ Profile
  • Change Your Google+ Profile Cover Photo
  • Add Links to Other Profiles and Accounts
  • Merge Your Google+ Accounts

Explore a Local Area with Google+ Local

Make dining reservations, book a room, and share venue photos.

  • Find a Venue
  • Table For Two? Get It in Two Clicks
  • Book a Hotel Room in 60 Seconds
  • Review a Restaurant or Business
  • Update a Business' Info For Others
  • Share Photos of a Night Out At a Great Venue
  • Share a Restaurant Idea with Your Friends

Grow a Business with Google+ Pages

Create a page, add your business to Google, and add multiple managers.

  • Create a Google+ Page
  • How Do I Make My Business Googleable?
  • Use Your Google+ Page Dashboard
  • Edit Your Page Information
  • Make Your Google+ Page a Team Effort
  • Add a Google+ Badge to Your Site

Don't Let Google+ Take Over Your Life!

With this track, learn ways to keep your Google+ notifications at a manageable level.

  • Cut Back on Notifications you Don't Need
  • Three Ways to Limit Excessive Notifications
  • People are Chatting Me Too Much!
  • Don't Overload on Community Posts
  • Keep Your Home Stream Clutter-Free

Connect with Friends on Google+ Circles

Create and organize circles, find people and ignore users.

  • What are Google+ Circles?
  • Create a New Circle
  • Keep Your Circles Tidy
  • Connect and Share with People You Know
  • How Can I Add Others to my Circles?
  • Share Something Cool with People you Know
  • Share a Circle
  • Mute a Noisy User
  • Cut Someone Off Completely

Share Photos On Google+ Photos

Share a photo, upload large images, and create a photo album post.

  • Share a Picture From the Web or Your Computer
  • Put Your High-Res Photos On Display
  • Share your Vacation Album in Three Clicks
  • Make Sure Your Photos Stay Where You Want
  • Keep Your Best Photos in One Place
  • Find The One Photo You Need
  • Show off Photos From Your Phone in a Flash
  • Bring Out Your Photo' Details
  • Make Basic Photo Adjustments
  • Crop and Rotate a Photo
  • Make a Photo Monochrome
  • Add a Frame to a Photo
  • Draw Attention to a Focal Point

Manage Google+ Privacy

Edit search visibility, public information, and network visibility.

  • Check Your Notifications Bell
  • Keep Your Profile Out of Google Results
  • Keep Parts of your Profile Private
  • Choose Who Can See Your Circles
  • How do I Change Who Can See my Photos?
  • Should I use Find my Face?
  • Cut Back on Notficiations you Don't Need
  • Who Can See My +1's?
  • Keep Google From Over-Sharing with Advertisers

Schedule Events with Google+

Create an event, change event theme, and invite and uninvite guests.

  • Set Up a Google+ Event
  • Invite More People to Your Event
  • Make Your Event Look Great
  • Keep Your Party Exclusive
  • Share Photos From Your Event
  • Get High-Res Event Photos
  • Make an Event Anyone Can Attend
  • Broadcast your Event Live on YouTube

Create and Manage a Google+ Community

Manage community members, control post frequency, and add topics.

Join a Community
Make Your Own Community in a Few Clicks
Tell Everyone What Your Community is About
Invite Others to Join Your Community
Manage Members
Promote or Demote Members
Add Topics for Discussion
Put Posts in their Place
Don't Overload on Community Posts
Tell Site Visitors About Your Community

Use Google+ on Your iPhone

Post to your circles, check into a location, and share photos.

  • Explain Google+ iPhone in 60 Seconds
  • Share Your Thoughts From Anywhere
  • What Are My Friends Up To?
  • Check in to your Favorite Restaurant
  • How Do I Share a Photo From My Phone?
  • Upload Photos to Google+ As You Take Them
  • Manage Photos from Your Phone
  • Set Up a Google+ Event in Two Taps

Posting and Sharing on Google+

Share posts, upload and share videos, and share from YouTube.

  • How Do I Post on Google+?
  • How Can I Share a Video on Google+?
  • Reshare an Interesting Post
  • How Can I Find Things I'm Interested In?
  • Keep Your Home Stream Clutter-Free
  • Give Others' Posts Big Ups
  • Recommend Things on the Web with a Click
  • Watch a Post Go Viral in Real Time
  • Control How Others Interact with Your Posts
  • Weigh In on Others' Posts
  • Edit or Delete a Post
  • Hide Others' Posts from Your Home Stream

Learn how to use Google Plus

Google Plus is a social networking platform that makes it easy to connect with friends and family on a clean environment. Learn how to share photos, send messages and stay in touch with the important people in your life. Expand your knowledge by branching out to Google+ communities that suit your interests.

In these lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Master Google+ Hangouts
  • Use Google+ Hangouts for iPhone
  • Explore a Local Area with Google+ Local
  • Grow a Business with Google+ Pages
  • Don't Let Google+ Take Over Your Life!
  • Connect with Friends on Google+ Circles
  • Share Photos On Google+ Photos
  • Manage Google+ Privacy
  • Schedule Events with Google+
  • Create and Manage a Google+ Community
  • Manage Your Google+ Profile
  • Use Google+ on Your iPhone
  • Posting and Sharing on Google+

Google+ Training & Development Courses

Grovo gives you the content, technology, and service you need to get your team up to speed with Google+. Our learning ecosystem will help you develop your team's Google+ skills and advance within your organization as a social networking expert. Watch, learn and test your team’s knowledge with Grovo to make the best of your Google+ training.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Our integrated reporting system will ensure your team is constantly developing the essential skills necessary to connect with others online. Training through quick 1-minute videos ensures individuals on your team are developing into efficient social networking professionals. Our reporting system provides:

  • A flexible reporting interface
  • Overview of your team's performance
  • Report cards and detailed spreadsheet reports
  • Customizable email reports

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