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Want to collaborate on projects from anywhere with an internet connection? All of your Google Drive questions answered, in one-minute videos.

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255 Lessons, 250 Quizzes

Tags: Advanced Organization, Collaborate and Manage Projects, Work in the Cloud

Manage Your Google Drive

Set up Google Drive, create new documents, and upload documents.

  • Explain Google Drive in 60 seconds
  • Create a New Google Drive File
  • Move Files to the Cloud
  • Share a Folder
  • Keep Important Files Easily Accessible
  • Search For and Star Files
  • Organize Your Files Into Folders
  • Preview Files Before Opening Them
  • Save Webpages to Your Drive in One Click
  • Give Others Access to a Folder
  • Keep Others from Downloading a File
  • View and Edit Your Google Drive Off the Grid
  • Comfortably Read Long Documents
  • What Does the Save to Drive Button Do?
  • Get More Google Drive Storage Space
  • Create a Template From an Existing File
  • Search Files Shared with You
  • Navigate to Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Format Content in Google Sheets

Format and organize content in Google Sheets to create a professional document.

  • Edit Cells in a Spreadsheet
  • Merge Multiple Cells
  • Wrap Text
  • Move Data Around in Your Spreadsheet
  • Format a Cell's Text
  • Format Numerical Data
  • Automatically Format Cells Based on Content
  • Outline Crucial Cells in Your Sheet
  • Add a Link
  • Copy the Formatting of a Cell in One Click
  • Change the Size of Cells
  • Add or Remove Rows and Columns
  • Move Columns and Rows
  • Name a Range
  • Did I Misspell Something?
  • Find and Replace Items in a Spreadsheet
  • Use the Paint Format Tool
  • Use the Pasting Options
  • Use the Date Picker

Use Formulas and Functions in Google Sheets

Use formulas and functions in Google Sheets to perform tasks such as calculations, looking up values or manipulating text quickly and accurately.

  • Build a Formula in a Corresponding Range
  • Manage Conditional Formatting Rules
  • Calculate Values Using Basic Arithmetic
  • Perform Logical Tests with AND and OR
  • Use MIN and MAX
  • Use SUM, SUMIF, and SUMIFS
  • Count the Instances of a Value
  • Search Table Columns with Vlookup
  • Search Table Rows with Hlookup
  • Using the IF and AND Functions
  • Use the FIND Function
  • Look Up Values Using INDEX and MATCH
  • Do Hard Math Quickly
  • Program Cells with Formulas
  • Understand Condition Options
  • Format Using Formulas and Cell References
  • Combine Values From Multiple Cells
  • Insert Sparklines
  • Apply a Color Scale

Create a Google Presentation

Create a presentation, format slides, and share.

  • Explore the Google Slides Layout
  • Create a New Presentation
  • Name Your Presentation
  • Open an Existing Google Slides Presentation
  • Import a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Create a New Slide
  • Make Changes to Your Slide
  • Put Your Slides in the Right Order
  • Quickly Make an Identical Slide
  • How Do I Remove a Slide?
  • Customize the Look of Your Text
  • Add Text to Your Slides
  • Adding Lines and Shapes
  • How Do I Draw Lines?
  • Add Word Art to Your Slides
  • Add and Format Images on a Slide
  • Adjust Image Color
  • Move an Object in a Slide
  • Adding Slide Numbers
  • Add a Video to Your Presentation
  • Group and Order Images and Objects
  • Format Objects
  • Create Presentation Shortcuts
  • Format Text Using the Format Painter
  • Add a Table
  • Change the Formatting of a Table
  • Choose a Great Presentation Theme
  • Add Motion to Your Presentation
  • Add Slide Transitions
  • See What Changes Have Been Made
  • Share a Presentation
  • Research the Web Right on your Presentation
  • Print Your Slide Show

Use Google Slides for iPhone

Create a presentation, format slides, and present your slideshow.

  • Introduction to Google Slides
  • Add a Slide on Google Slides iPhone
  • Add a Text Box on Google Slides iPhone
  • Add Shapes on Google Slides iPhone
  • Add Lines on Google Slides iPhone

Work Together on a Google Text Document

Share and collaborate on documents and add comments.

  • Send a Document to Others for Feedback
  • Work as a Team in Real Time
  • Send a Note to Everyone
  • How Can I Add a Comment?
  • How Can I Remove a Comment?
  • View a Document's Comments
  • Tag Others to Collaborate Quickly
  • Give Someone Else Control of a Document
  • Collaborating Over a Shared Google Doc

Use Diverse Media in Google Sheets

Use built-in Google Sheets features to create engaging documents with diverse media such as pictures and charts.

  • Add a Picture to Your Spreadsheet
  • Use a Chart to Illustrate Data
  • Put your Picture in the Right Spot
  • Make a Chart Look Great
  • Add an Image to a Cell
  • Add Annotations to a Chart
  • Add a Trendline to a Chart

Create Pivot Tables in Google Sheets

Properly structure your data, create a pivot table, then use your data as rows, columns, values, and filters.

  • Structure Data and Create a Pivot Table
  • Rows, Columns, and Values
  • Filter a Pivot Table
  • Sort a Spreadsheet Intelligently
  • Filter Data
  • Create a Filter View

Create and Manage Google Sheets

Create Google Sheets and organize the worksheets within them.

  • Introduction to Google Sheets
  • Create a New Spreadsheet
  • Add a New Page to Your Spreadsheet
  • Copy a Sheet to Another Document
  • Import a Spreadsheet
  • Enable Google Spreadsheet Add-Ons
  • Take a Spreadsheet with you Offline
  • Create a Template in Google Sheets
  • Change Your View
  • Print from Google Sheets
  • Publish Your Spreadsheet
  • Hide and Unhide Sheets
  • Download Your Spreadsheet
  • Change Your Spreadsheet View
  • Change the Time Zone and Location Settings

Work Together on a Google Spreadsheet

Manage and share charts and share and collaborate on spreadsheets.

  • Make Parts of your Spreadsheet a Secret
  • Track Changes in Real Time
  • Share a Spreadsheet
  • Protect Sheets
  • Prevent Key Cells from Changing
  • Release Your Spreadsheet to the World
  • Set Notification Rules
  • Team Up on a Crucial Spreadsheet
  • Comment on a Spreadsheet
  • Stay on Top of One Part of your Sheet
  • Get Notified of Important Comments
  • Recover Previous Versions of Your Spreadsheet
  • Work Together on a Spreadsheet in Real Time
  • Share a Comment With Someone Else
  • Make your Charts Look Their Best

Create a Google Text Document

Create from template, add bookmarks and research while you write.

  • Introduction to Google Docs
  • Create a Text Document
  • Start a Document From a Template
  • Format Your Text
  • Apply Styles to Your Text
  • Pick a Go-to Style For Your Document
  • Change Paragraph Formatting
  • Set Indents and Margins with the Ruler
  • Use the Format Painter
  • Change the Line Spacing of Your Document
  • Add an Image to a Document
  • Insert a Drawing
  • Move an Image or Drawing
  • Enable Google Document Add-Ons
  • Add Headers and Footers
  • Add Page Numbers
  • Create a Bulleted or Numbered LIst
  • Add Tables
  • Format a Table
  • Convert Spreadsheets to Tables
  • Add Footnotes to Your Document
  • Insert an Equation
  • Control Others' Access to a Document
  • Add Bookmarks to Your Text
  • Double Check for Typos
  • Customize Your Page Setup
  • Change Your Document View
  • Link to a Heading or External Webpage
  • Add a Table of Contents
  • See What's Changed in your Documents
  • Share a Document
  • Type in Another Language
  • Translate a Document
  • Tell Someone About an Existing Comment
  • Don't Miss In-Document Questions
  • Suggest Edits
  • Save an Online Doc to your Computer
  • Publish Your Doc to the World
  • Research While You Write
  • Find and Replace
  • Insert Special Characters
  • Use the Web Clipboard
  • Things to Know When Sharing a Google Doc
  • Customize Autocorrect Options
  • Use Compact Mode
  • Navigate the Google Docs Interface
  • Basic Shortcuts in Google Docs
  • Advanced Shortcuts in Google Docs

Work Together on a Google Presentation

Share, collaborate on, and add comments to presentations.

  • Get Help on a Presentation
  • Work Together on a Presentation in Real Time
  • Comment on a Presentation
  • Remove Comments You're Done With
  • Stop Receiving Comment Notifications
  • Track Every Comment, Ever
  • Get Someone's Attention in a Comment

Create a Survey with Google Forms

Create forms, add questions, and add images.

  • Introduction to Google Forms
  • Create a Google Form
  • What Questions Can I Use in a Survey?
  • Add Data Validation
  • Add an Image
  • Customize a Theme
  • Make Your Survey Easier to Take
  • Speed Up the Creation Process
  • Team Up to Create a Survey
  • Distribute Your Form
  • Collect Form Responses
  • Turn Off a Form

Present and Share a Google Presentation

Add speaker notes, present a presentation, and download a presentation.

  • Adding Slide Notes to Your Presentation
  • View Your Slideshow
  • Download Slides Files in Other Formats
  • Release your Presentation to the World

Sync Google Drive to Your Mac

Install Drive for Mac, sync files, and share files from your desktop.

  • Connect Google Drive to Your Mac
  • Keep Just The Right Files Synced Up
  • Send a File in Two Clicks

Use Google Docs for iPhone

Create a text document, adjust font, and replace text.

  • Create a Text Document on the Go
  • Adjust Font on Google Docs iPhone
  • Find and Replace Text
  • Share a Document
  • Comment on a Document

Use Google Sheets for iPhone

Create a new spreadsheet document, customize formatting, and add additional sheets.

  • Create a Spreadsheet on the Go
  • Format Numerical Data on Google Sheets iPhone
  • Add a Sheet on Google Sheets iPhone
  • Add Columns or Rows on Google Sheets iPhone
  • Adjust Row or Column Size
  • Merge Cells on Google Sheets iPhone
  • Lock Rows and Columns on Google Sheets iPhone
  • Freeze Rows and Columns
  • Format Text
  • Format Cells

Use the Google Drive iPhone App

Access, edit, and upload files in Google Drive from your phone.

  • Save a Photo to the Cloud
  • Share Any File in Your Drive
  • Save a File for Anytime Access
  • Keep Your Drive Organized
  • Print a File on Google Drive iPhone
  • Enable Passcode Lock on Google Drive iPhone
  • Star a File on Google Drive iPhone
  • Delete a File on Google Drive iPhone
  • Add an Account to Google Drive iPhone

Remember Things with Google Keep

Create a note, create a list, and add a photo.

  • Use Google Keep Anywhere
  • What Do I Use Google Keep For?
  • Let Google Store Your Grocery List
  • Get a Reminder About Anything
  • Make Note of a Notable Photo
  • What Do I Do with Old Notes?

Learn how to use Google Drive

Google Drive is a file sharing and storage site. The suite allows you to upload, save, and share files directly to a server. This allows your files to be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Learn how to collaborate on documents and presentations online.

In these lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Manage Your Google Drive
  • Format Content in Google Sheets
  • Use Formulas and Functions in Google Sheets
  • Create a Google Presentation
  • Use Google Slides for iPhone
  • Use Diverse Media in Google Sheets
  • Work Together on a Google Text Document
  • Create Pivot Tables in Google Sheets
  • Create a Survey with Google Forms
  • Create and Manage Google Sheets
  • Work Together on a Google Spreadsheet
  • Work Together on a Google Presentation
  • Create a Google Text Document
  • Present and Share a Google Presentation
  • Sync Google Drive to Your Mac
  • Use Google Docs for iPhone
  • Use the Google Drive iPhone App
  • Remember Things with Google Keep
  • Use Google Sheets for iPhone

Google Drive Training & Development

Grovo's online platform gives you the tools you need in order to master productivity in Google Drive. Our platform will help you develop your team's Google Drive skills and advance within your organization as an effective collaborator. Watch, learn and test your team’s knowledge with Grovo to make the best of your Google Drive training.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Our integrated reporting system will ensure your team is consistently developing the essential skills necessary to perform on Google Drive. Google Drive training through quick one-minute videos helps individuals on your team cultivate collaboration on documents and projects. Our reporting system provides:

  • A flexible reporting interface
  • Overview of your team's performance
  • Report cards and detailed spreadsheet reports
  • Customizable email reports

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