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Facebook Pages are the frontline of your online branding efforts. From PR announcements to product promotions, get the most out of your social media.

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72 Lessons, 70 Quizzes

Tags: Branding, Manage Your Social Profiles, Selling & Marketing

Set Up Your Facebook Page

Add a cover and profile photo, customize your URL and more.

  • Does my Page Look Good to Fans?
  • What are the Three Steps to Building a Brand on Facebook?
  • Introduction to Facebook Pages
  • Create a Facebook Page
  • Change Your Page's Profile Picture
  • Change Your Page's Cover Photo
  • Fill in Your About Section Information
  • Create a Custom Facebook Web Address

Post and Share on a Facebook Page

Add a milestone, page posting strategy, and change post date.

  • Ask Fans for Their Opinion
  • Save Hours, Schedule Posts
  • Show Fans What You're Up to Right Now
  • Use Page Posting Strategies
  • Post a Status from Your Facebook Page
  • Upload an Album
  • Edit or Add to an Album
  • Post a Video
  • Showcase Your Company's Milestones
  • Highlight Important Company Moments
  • Pin a Post to the Top of Your Page
  • Edit Your Scheduled Posts
  • Change a Post's Date
  • Promote a Page Post
  • How Do I Stop People from Posting on My Page?

Analyze Social Performance with nsights

Understand Insights, interpret reports, and export page data.

  • Export Post Data Into a Spreadsheet
  • What is Facebook Insights?
  • Get an Overview of Your Facebook Audience
  • Focus on the Efforts that Drive the Most Likes
  • Decipher Reach Reports
  • Interpret Your Visits Reports
  • Understand Reactions to Individual Posts
  • Get to Know Your Fan Base
  • Export Data Into a Spreadsheet

Manage Your Facebook Page From Your iPhone

See how your page is doing, manage your admins, and create ads

  • Post a Status from Your iPhone
  • Post a Photo or Video from Your iPhone
  • Update Page Info from Your iPhone
  • Monitor Page Activity from Your iPhone
  • See Insights for Your Page from Your iPhone
  • Manage Your Page Admins from Your iPhone
  • Create an Event
  • Promote Your Page

Manage Your Facebook Page

Feature applications, change application name, and optimize open graph.

  • What do Featured Applications Do?
  • How do I Change a Featured App Image?
  • How do I Keep my Shares Looking Their Best?
  • Use Facebook As Your Brand
  • Invite Friends to Like Your Page
  • Get Likes from Your Email Contacts
  • Adjust Page Visibility
  • Change Your Page Name
  • Make a Name For Yourself on Facebook
  • Communicate 1-On-1 with Facebook Fans
  • Manage Your Notifications
  • Facebook Page Admin Roles
  • Edit Your Page Admins
  • Add Featured Page Owners
  • Share A Post to Your Personal Account
  • Business vs. Personal Pages

Keep Your Facebook Page Spotless

Hide or delete posts, have a crisis response plan, and report spammers

  • Filter the Posts on Your Page
  • Create a Social Media Crisis Response Plan
  • Report Spammers
  • Ban Disruptive Users From Your Page
  • Hide or Delete Posts by Others
  • Monitor and Edit Posts Via the Activity Log
  • Control Post Privacy
  • Respond Directly to a Comment
  • Block Comments With Profanity

Learn how to use Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages serve as a platform for your organization to connect with your customers. Facebook Pages allow you to engage with your audience through a variety of media formats as well as via direct message. Learning how to leverage Facebook pages will allow you to more easily promote your brand and engage customers.

In these lessons, you'll learn to:

  • Set Up Your Facebook Page
  • Post and Share on a Facebook Page
  • Analyze Social Performance with Insights
  • Manage Your Facebook Page From Your iPhone
  • Manage Your Facebook Page
  • Keep Your Facebook Page Spotless

Facebook Pages Training & Development Courses

Grovo gives you the content, technology, and service you need to get your team up to speed on Facebook Pages. Our learning ecosystem will help you develop your team’s social branding skills and advance within your organization as a social networking influencer. Watch, learn and test your team’s knowledge with Grovo to make the best of your Facebook Pages training.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Our integrated reporting system will ensure your team is constantly developing the essential skills necessary to perform within the Facebook Pages platform. Facebook Pages training through quick 1-minute videos helps individuals on your team are develop the team skills they need. Our reporting system provides:

  • A flexible reporting interface
  • Overview of your team's performance
  • Report cards and detailed spreadsheet reports
  • Customizable email reports

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