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Post and Share on Facebook

Post to the news feed, post to a timeline, and share a photo.

  • Embed a Facebook Video Into a Site
  • Post to the Facebook News Feed
  • Post to a Friend's Timeline
  • Add an Emoticon to Your Status
  • Explore Hot Topics with Hashtags
  • Upload a Photo Album to Facebook
  • Share a Facebook Friendship
  • Promote One of Your Posts
  • Interact with Your Friends' Posts
  • Respond to a Comment on a Page
  • Fix Typos and Take Back Things You Regret
  • Get Updates from Interesting People
  • Embed a Facebook Post on Another Site
  • Add a Facebook Badge to your Site

Create a Facebook Event

Create an event, choose who you want to attend, and add photos.

  • Create a Facebook Event
  • Invite People to a Facebook Event
  • Change an Event's Privacy Settings
  • Add or Change an Event Photo
  • Stop Notifications About an Event
  • Cancel a Facebook Event
  • Respond to Event Invitations
  • Find Your Previously Attended Events

Clean Up Your Facebook

Delete activity, control overzealous apps, and see your Timeline as another user.

  • Perform a Privacy Checkup
  • View Your Timeline as Another User
  • Edit or Remove Stories from Your Timeline
  • Permanently Delete Things from your Facebook Profile
  • Untag Yourself From a Photo or Post
  • Remove Likes You Don't Want on Your Profile
  • Get Rid of your Search History
  • Stop Annoying App Posts on Your Timeline
  • Limit the Visibility of Past Posts
  • Hide Posts You're Tagged In From Your Profile

Keep Your Facebook Secure

Adjust security settings, block people, and privatize posts.

  • Establish a Secure HTTPS Connection
  • Protect Yourself Against Intrusive Apps
  • Facebook Privacy 101
  • Control Who Sees Your Posts
  • Adjust Security Settings and Block Someone
  • Keep People from Posting to Your Timeline
  • Control Who Can Tag You
  • Require Facebook Login Approval
  • Install a Facebook Security System
  • Stop Someone Else from Using Your Facebook
  • Remove a Recognized Device
  • Keep Your Info from Advertisers
  • Remove or Edit Credit Card Information
  • Keep the Data That Belongs to You

Facebook Fundamentals

Fill out your profile, navigate Facebook, and browse photos.

  • How Do I Share my Info on Facebook?
  • How Do I Get Facebook's New News Feed?
  • Introduction to Facebook
  • Sign Up For Facebook
  • Change Your Profile Picture
  • What Should I Choose For My Cover Photo?
  • Add Information to Your Timeline
  • Understand Your News Feed
  • Customize The Left Side of Your Timeline
  • Access Your Favorite Things on Facebook Faster
  • Navigate Your Timeline
  • Interact with the Photos on Facebook
  • How to Use Facebook Graph Search
  • Find Your Friends on Facebook
  • Accept or Deny a Friend Request
  • Create a Friend List
  • Curate your Friends and Likes Into Lists
  • Allow Non-Friends to See Your Updates
  • Update Your Facebook Timeline Map

Explore and Share Stories with Facebook Paper

Find and share stories from Facebook and the web.

  • Choose Your Paper Sections
  • Get Your News From Paper
  • Create a New Post in Facebook Paper
  • Personalize Your Paper Account

Master Facebook for iPhone

Browse feeds, post photos, and change your profile picture.

  • Send a Voice Message to any Facebook Friend
  • See Stories from Different Groups
  • Like a Facebook Post on Your iPhone
  • See What's Trending on Facebook
  • Post a Status on Your Phone
  • Hide or Remove a Sensitive Post
  • Share Photos to Facebook
  • Fix Up Your Photos
  • Tag Your Friend in a Picture
  • Post a Video to Facebook on Your iPhone
  • Automatically Upload Photos from Your iPhone
  • Turn Off Photo Sync
  • Change Your Profile Picture from Your Phone
  • Change Your Cover Photo from Your iPhone
  • Cut Down on Unnecessary Notifications
  • Friend Your Existing Contacts
  • Send Private Messages from Your Phone
  • How Do I Add People to a Group Message?
  • Add Pictures to a Message from Your Phone
  • Forward a Photo from One Friend to Another
  • Send Huge Smiley Faces in Your Messages
  • Make a Call to a Facebook Friend
  • Send Friends a Disappearing Message
  • Send a Friend a Gift on Facebook
  • Check In to a Location with One Tap
  • Discover New Places Nearby
  • Search Your Facebook Content

Control Your Facebook Notifications

Disable notifications from posts, control alerts, and manage settings.

  • Choose Which Notifications You Want to Receive
  • Stop Notification Sounds and Emails
  • Disable Notifications For Neverending Threads
  • Check Facebook Using Texts

Manage a Facebook Group

Create a group, add a description, and manage members.

  • Delegate your Powers of Moderation to Others
  • Create a Facebook Group
  • Edit Your Facebook Group Settings
  • Manage the Users in a Group
  • Add Photos to a Group
  • Chat with Your Facebook Group
  • Work on Documents with Your Group
  • Stop Facebook Group Notifications

Facebook Messages

Chat with friends, filter messages, and start group conversations.

  • Instantly Chat in Private with Your Friends
  • Keep Certain Friends From Chatting With You
  • Keep Chat Windows from Popping Up
  • Read, Archive, and Delete Messages
  • Filter Your Inbox Messages
  • Start and Manage Group Conversations
  • Create a Group from a Conversation Thread
  • Share Files Through Facebook

Learn how to use Facebook

Facebook is a leading social media platform that allows you to connect with your friends and family. Learn how to share photos and status updates in a secure environment with these detailed and insightful learning tracks. Become a social media expert in a matter of minutes by increasing your knowledge on all platforms, including your iPhone, Mac or PC.

In these lessons you'll learn how to:

  • Post and Share on Facebook
  • Keep Your Facebook Secure
  • Create a Facebook Event
  • Clean Up Your Facebook
  • Facebook Fundamentals
  • Explore and Share Stories with Facebook Paper
  • Master Facebook for iPhone
  • Control Your Facebook Notifications
  • Manage a Facebook Group
  • Use Facebook Messages

Facebook Training & Development Courses

Grovo's online e-learning platform gives your team the tools they need in order to master Facebook and all forms of social networking. Our learning ecosystem will help you develop your team's Facebook skills and advance within your organization as a social networking guru. Watch, learn and test your team’s knowledge with Grovo to make the best of your Facebook training.

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Our integrated reporting system will ensure your team is consistently developing the essential skills necessary to perform on Facebook. Facebook training through quick 1-minute videos helps individuals on your team are develop the team skills they need. Our reporting system provides:

  • A flexible reporting interface
  • Overview of your team's performance
  • Report cards and detailed spreadsheet reports
  • Customizable email reports

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