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"I left my notebook at home" - no Evernote user ever. All of your Evernote questions answered, in one-minute videos.

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125 Lessons, 123 Quizzes

Tags: Advanced Organization, Chat with Others, Collaborate and Manage Projects

Strategies for Advanced Evernote Users

et more out of Evernote by using its tools to their fullest when you're keeping track of important things in your work and personal lives.

  • Use Evernote as a Project Hub
  • Use Evernote as an Information Gathering Tool
  • Notebook Structure Strategies
  • Evernote Tagging Strategies
  • Share Notes and Notebooks

Use Evernote on Your PC

Install Evernote, create new notes, and manage your account.

  • Create a New Note
  • Create an Ink Note
  • Take a Screenshot
  • Create a Note From a Webcam Photo
  • Set a Reminder
  • Format Text
  • Create a New Notebook
  • Manage Stacks
  • Manage Tags
  • Add a Shortcut
  • Search Notes
  • Adjust Sync Settings
  • Change Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Share Notes from Your PC
  • Share a Notebook
  • Collaborate with Evernote's Work Chat

Use Evernote on Your iPhone

Upload a document or voice recording and share and print notes.

  • Create a New Evernote Note on Your iPhone
  • Create a Photo Note on Your iPhone
  • Put a Paper Document on Evernote
  • Create a Voice Recording Note
  • Create a Note via Email on Your Phone
  • Set a Reminder on Your iPhone
  • Move a Note to Another Notebook
  • Simplify The Format of Your Note Text
  • Create a Shortcut to Your Most Important Note
  • Share a Note with Anyone
  • Search Notes from Your iPhone
  • Access Your Notes Anywhere
  • Digitize Your Post-it Note Collection
  • Give Each Post-it Note Color a Different Tag
  • Mark Up an Image from the Evernote iPhone App
  • Chat on Evernote iPhone

Use Evernote on Your Mac

Install Evernote, create new notes, and manage your account.

  • Install Evernote for Mac
  • Share an Evernote Notebook on Your Desktop
  • Create a New Note
  • Create a Quick Note From Your Mac Desktop
  • Make Your Notes Easy to Read
  • Make a To-Do List
  • Set Up Reminders On Your Mac
  • Create a Notebook on Your Mac
  • Change the Default Notebook from Your Mac
  • Group Notebooks into Stacks on Your Desktop
  • Search Evernote on Your Mac
  • Organize Notes Across Notebooks with Tags
  • Keep Track of Where You've Been
  • Quickly Access Notes you Use Often on any Mac
  • Save Even More Time with Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Search Your Notes Anytime
  • Save Any Article You Can't Read Now
  • Mark Up a Note with Skitch
  • Share Notes from Your Mac Desktop
  • How Do I Change My Default Font?
  • Adjust Your Sync Settings
  • Customize the Web Clipper Settings
  • Add a Second Account on Your Mac
  • Present a Note
  • Chat on Evernote for Mac

Use Skitch for iPhone

Draw on and highlight images or photos.

  • Highlight Something Important on an Image
  • Add Text Notes to Your Image
  • Mark Up a Specific Map
  • Draw On Any Website
  • Point Something Out With an Arrow
  • Label an Image with a Stamp
  • Highlight Something with a Box, Oval or Line
  • Hide or Blur Part of Your Note
  • Send a Note to a Friend From Your iPhone

Use Evernote on Your iPad

Access Evernote anywhere on your iPad.

  • Create a New Evernote Note on Your iPad
  • Upload an iPad Photo
  • Record an iPad Audio Note
  • Find an iPad Evernote Note
  • Set a Reminder for an Evernote iPad Note

Use Evernote Skitch for Mac

Mark up and annotate documents, pictures, and more to help yourself remember important details.

  • What is Evernote Skitch?
  • Install Skitch on Your Mac
  • Create a Note From a Screenshot
  • Mark up a Photo or PDF

Create Evernote Notes Online

Add notes by email, set reminders, and create checklists.

  • Search Notes
  • Create a Note on Evernote Web
  • Create a Notebook on the Web
  • Add Tags on Evernote Web
  • Set a Reminder on Evernote Web
  • Why is Evernote So Popular?
  • Add a Note on the Web
  • Create a Notebook from the Web
  • Organize Notebooks into Stacks on the Web
  • Create a Checklist in Any Note
  • Set a Reminder on the Web
  • Delete and Restore Your Notes
  • Add Tags on the Web
  • Use Subtags on Evernote Web
  • Search Your Notes on the Web
  • Save a Search on Evernote Web
  • Create a New Note via Email
  • Save Anything You Find Online to Evernote
  • Communicate Through Chat on Evernote Web
  • Keep Your Evernote Account Secure

Manage Your Evernote Account

Reset your password, upgrade to premium, and increase storage space.

  • Go Pro on Evernote
  • How do I get an Evernote Business Account?
  • Add a Gigabyte of Storage to a Premium Account
  • Reset Your Password
  • Access a Note's Version History
  • Set a Default Notebook
  • Turn Off Automatic Logins for an App

Track Meals with Evernote Food

Capture a meal, add photos to a meal, and share a meal.

  • Capture a Meal
  • Find a Restaurant
  • Find and Save Recipes
  • Add Photos of a Meal
  • Share a Recipe
  • The Next Best Thing to a Dinner Invitation

Share Evernote Notes

Share notes, share a link to a notebook, and share a notebook on email.

  • Share an Evernote Notebook on the Web
  • Share Notes on the Web
  • Broadcast a Note to the World
  • Join a Shared Notebook
  • Stop Sharing an Evernote Notebook

Learn how to use Evernote

Evernote is a suite of software designed for collaborative notetaking, through the use of files, text, webpages, webpage excerpts, voice memos and photos. Users can organize notes into notebooks, and sort by tags, annotations and more. With support across all major browsers and mobile devices, learning Evernote allows your team to work in real time, collaboratively, on important projects and documents.

In these lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Use Evernote on Your Mac
  • Strategies for Advanced Evernote Users
  • Use Evernote on Your PC
  • Use Evernote on Your iPhone
  • Create Evernote Notes Online
  • Use Skitch for iPhone
  • Use Evernote Skitch for Mac
  • Use Evernote on Your iPad
  • Manage Your Evernote Account
  • Track Meals with Evernote Food
  • Share Evernote Notes

Evernote Training & Development Courses

Grovo gives you the content, technology, and service you need to get your team up to speed on Evernote. Our learning ecosystem will help you develop your team's Evernote skills and advance within your organization through succinct and organized document collaboration. Watch, learn and test your team’s knowledge with Grovo to make the best of your Evernote training.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Our integrated reporting system will ensure your team is constantly developing the essential skills necessary to perform within Evernote. Evernote training, through quick 1-minute videos, ensure individuals on your team are consistently developing their skillset. Our reporting system provides:

  • A flexible reporting interface
  • Overview of your team's performance
  • Report cards and detailed spreadsheet reports
  • Customizable email reports

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