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Need to know how to share files quickly and easily? All of your DropBox questions answered, in one-minute videos.

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Store Your Files on Dropbox

Add, edit, and preview files and folders

  • Why Is Dropbox So Popular?
  • Add Files and Folders, Faster
  • How Can I Rename a File?
  • Preview a File Before You Download It
  • Move Files to your Computer
  • How do I Easily Delete Files and Folders?
  • Search Dropbox Like Lightning
  • Show Off and Share your Photo Gallery
  • Show Off your Vacation Photos
  • Log Out of Dropbox Remotely
  • What Apps Have I Connected to Dropbox?
  • Practice Conflict Resolution Between Files
  • Get Extra Security in Two Steps
  • How do I Get More Storage Space?
  • Bring Back Deleted Files in One Click
  • Help! I Erased My Book Report!

Connect Dropbox To Your Mac

Install on a Mac, add or remove files, and monitor sync status

  • Does Dropbox Work with Mac?
  • How do I Use Dropbox on My Mac?
  • Send a File in Two Clicks
  • How do I Share Folders?
  • Is My Dropbox Working?
  • Keep Dropbox from Overfilling Your Hard Drive
  • Never Lose Your Photos Again
  • Keep Your Dropbox on an External Hard Drive
  • Track Changes to Files in Real-Time
  • Back Up your Files

Share Photos with Dropbox Carousel

Browse and share photos, and send messages

  • Share Photos on Carousel
  • Hide Photos from Carousel
  • Send Messages on Carousel

Use Dropbox on Your iPhone

Download and share files and automatically sync photos

  • Open Dropbox Files in Another App
  • Share a File in Two Taps
  • How do I Back Up and Share Photos Faster?
  • Show Off Your Vacation Album
  • Print a Dropbox Document from Your iPhone
  • Keep a File Saved to Your Phone
  • Back Up a File on the Go
  • Manage Your Files on the Go

Connect Dropbox To Your PC

Install on Windows, add or remove files, and monitor sync status

  • How do I Share a Dropbox Folder?
  • Stay Up-To-Date on File Changes in Real Time
  • Does Dropbox Work with PC?
  • Track Changes to Files in Real-Time
  • How Do I Share Folders?
  • How do I Use Dropbox on My PC?
  • How do I Tell If my Dropbox is Working?
  • Select Folders to Sync

Manage Your Company's Dropbox

Create an account, add members to a team, and email team members

  • How Much does Dropbox for Teams Cost?
  • Start Sharing Files With Your Team
  • Send a Message to a Team Member
  • Share Outside your Team
  • Prevent Unauthorized Dropbox Access
  • Don't Waste a License
  • Make Sure Corporate Secrets Don't Get Away
  • Foil a Password Thief

Learn how to use Dropbox

Dropbox is an online sharing tool that allows you to upload, save, and send files easily. Learn to share large files quickly, upload and save photos, and communicate easily among your network. Stop wasting time cutting down files that are too large to send by email.

In these lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Store Your Files on Dropbox
  • Connect Dropbox To Your Mac
  • Share Photos with Dropbox Carousel
  • Connect Dropbox To Your PC
  • Share Files on Dropbox
  • Use Dropbox on Your iPhone
  • Manage Your Company's Dropbox

Dropbox Training & Development Courses

Grovo's online platform gives you the tools you need in order to master the ways to best navigate Dropbox. Our platform will help you develop your team's file sharing skills and save your team hours of productivity through sharing files. Watch, learn and test your team’s knowledge with Grovo to make the best of your Dropbox service.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Our integrated reporting system will ensure your team is consistently developing the essential skills necessary to perform on Dropbox. Dropbox training through quick one-minute videos helps individuals on your team develop into effective project collaborators. Our reporting system provides:

  • A flexible reporting interface
  • Overview of your team's performance
  • Report cards and detailed spreadsheet reports
  • Customizable email reports

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