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Tags: Advanced Organization, Collaborate and Manage Projects, Work & Productivity

Manage Tasks with Asana

Create, manage, and delete Asana tasks

  • Why is Asana Useful?
  • Create an Individual or Workplace Task
  • Centrally Manage Projects and Tasks
  • Group Tasks Into Start-to-Finish Projects
  • Give a Task a Better Name
  • Speed Up a Production Process
  • Heart a Task
  • Add Important Notes and Links to a Task
  • Auto-Create Tasks At Regular Intervals
  • Manage Task Notifications Before They Pile Up
  • Attach Files to Tasks For Easy Downloading
  • Keep your Task List Organized
  • Split a Project into Sections
  • Track Multi-Step Tasks
  • Celebrate Completed Tasks
  • How Do I Color Code Tasks?
  • Track How Long Tasks Take
  • Create Tasks From Anywhere on the Web
  • Get the Most Important Tasks Done First
  • Maximize Project and Task Efficiency
  • Keep Track of Tasks on your Mac
  • Keep Track of Tasks in the Cloud
  • Delete an Out-of-Date Task
  • Stop Adding Tags Task by Task
  • Add and Complete Tasks via Email
  • Add Tasks to Specific Projects Through Email
  • Expedite the Completion of Large Tasks
  • Add a Comment to a Task

Manage Projects With Asana

Create, manage, and finish large projects

  • Easily Reuse a Previous Project's Elements
  • Create a Project Overview
  • Add Projects to Your Dashboard
  • Delete Unnecessary Projects
  • Archive Important and Evergreen Projects
  • Keep Projects on Schedule
  • 5 Quick Tips on Project Management

Asana Strategies for Teams

Asana can help you share information and plans with your team instantly.

  • Brainstorm on Asana
  • Communicate Effectively on Asana
  • Use Asana for a Pipeline
  • Use Asana to Guide Meetings
  • Use Asana For Bug Tracking

Manage Your Asana Account

Add a profile photo and manage your privacy settings

  • Use Asana's new profile photo feature
  • Add a Touch of Zen to Asana
  • Keep Personal Projects to Yourself
  • Getting Too Many Emails?

Use Asana on Your iPhone

Assign tasks, manage due dates, create tags, and create projects from your phone.

  • Create a Task from Your iPhone
  • Interact with a Task on Your iPhone
  • Add a Due Date and Repeat a Task on Your iPhone
  • Create a Project on Your iPhone
  • Add Tags to a Task on Your iPhone

Collaborate on Asana

Assign tasks, communicate, and work together on Asana

  • Assign Someone a Task
  • Keep the Right People Updated on Projects
  • @ Mention Users For Easy Collaboration
  • What You Need to Know About Your Inbox
  • How Do I Use Asana With Outside Contractors?
  • Get a New Password

Search on Asana

Search tasks and projects, and filter your search

  • Search Asana in a Flash
  • Find the Task You Want Faster

Learn how to use Asana

Asana is a web based project management tool designed to encourage and track team collaboration. Users can plan and manage in a shared workspace via projects and tasks, encouraging the use of notes, comments, attachments and tags for increased organization. Learning Asana encourages alignment within your team, and seamlessly transitions across your tablet and mobile devices.

In these lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Manage Tasks with Asana
  • Manage Projects With Asana
  • Asana Strategies for Teams
  • anage Your Asana Account
  • Collaborate on Asana
  • Use Asana on Your iPhone
  • Search on Asana

Asana Training & Development Courses

Grovo gives you the content, technology, and service you need to get your team up to speed on Asana. Our learning ecosystem will help you develop your team's Asana skills and advance within your organization as a team leader. Watch, learn and test your team’s knowledge with Grovo to make the best of your Asana training.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Our integrated reporting system will ensure your team is constantly developing the essential skills necessary to perform within the Asana platform. Asana training through quick 1-minute videos ensures that individuals on your team are developing into efficient project managers. Our reporting system provides:

  • A flexible reporting interface
  • Overview of your team's performance
  • Report cards and detailed spreadsheet reports
  • Customizable email reports

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