Say goodbye to bore-ientation.

First impressions count. Make sure your company is making a good one with Grovo’s Handbooks.
 Each Handbook is customizable and covers a series of engaging microlearning videos that align to your 
company’s critical information—from health benefits to cyber security.

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Introducing Handbooks by Grovo.

A wealth of information at an incredible value.

Grovo’s Handbooks cover the must-have topics from benefits to safety and security. Buy them individually or as a set for greater value. Combine Handbooks with Grovo's L&D platform to create a full solution for all of your training and development needs.


Finally, a way for your people to understand their benefits on 
their own. What will you do with the 
extra time?

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Paid time off

Give your people engaging micro lessons that are (almost) as fun as 
the vacations themselves!

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Safety is job number one. Make it easy for your people to access the information 
you hope they’ll 
never need.

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Data breaches cost businesses billions. Arm your people with the knowledge they need to be your first line of defense.  

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Who you are informs not only what you do but also how you do it. Make sure your people know from day 1 what makes you, you.

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Your knowledge. Our know-how.

Customized content that meets scalable technology

Your company is unique, and so are your employees. That’s why our Handbooks incorporate dynamic, modular learning technology that lets you add your custom content to any of our video lessons. Simply fill out an easy online form, and we’ll do the rest, delivering content that’s both unique and uniquely Grovo.

Timely information. Any time.

Give your employees the information they need 
when they need it.

Grovo’s Handbooks are accessible anywhere, any time, ensuring your employees have easy access to critical information—like health benefits and safety procedures—whenever or wherever they may be. No more late night phone calls or frantic emails to HR—information is just a click away with Grovo Handbooks.

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Shorter. Sweeter. Smarter.

More engaging information for more engaged, informed teams.

Turn mandatory content into must-see viewing. With professional on-camera talent 
and eye-catching animations, our short microlearning videos are designed to be watched. 
We’ve invested years of research developing content that is easy to view and easy to remember, and with Handbooks, we’re now bringing our engaging, 
effective methodology to your corporate information.

View more. Do more.

Measure your impact with Grovo’s reporting tools.

Monitor the dissemination of your content with Grovo’s powerful reporting tools. The Grovo dashboard puts important metrics like views and completions right at your fingertips, meaning you can quickly and easily verify that important information, like IT security policies, is getting to your people.

Work hard. Play nice.

Whether you have a full LMS or are starting from scratch, our Handbooks are here to help.

Handbooks were made for the Grovo Platform, but that doesn't mean we can’t 
work with other systems. Talk to one of our award-winning customer success managers about integrating Handbooks with your LMS.

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