Unconscious Bias.

Biases are bad for business. But some biases are hard to see and, therefore, hard—and costly—to correct. Grovo’s Unconscious Bias content is here to help.

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The bad business of bias.

Unconscious bias costs business real money. Diverse teams make better decisions, which means bigger returns and better business. Don’t let unconscious bias stand in the way.

Companies with gender and ethnic diversity outperformed non-diverse peers by 15–35% on a variety of metrics

67% of respondents to a Glassdoor study said that diversity was important to them when evaluating companies and job offers

Discrimination in the workplace costs American business $64 billion in employee turnover costs

Learn more about the hidden cost of hidden bias and what Grovo’s Unconscious Bias content can do to help.

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Our approach.

For learning to be effective, it needs to be seen. That’s why we worked hard to create content that engages the learner with beautiful photography, studio-quality production values, and relatable storytelling.

Expert guidance.
Our team of instructional designers worked with leading experts like Holly Brittingham and Corey Flournoy of advertising giant FCB and renowned diversity consultant Ernie Aguilar to develop content that engages and informs.

Rather than in-person sessions, which can be inconvenient and costly, Grovo’s lessons are delivered when and where the learner wants. Grovo’s reporting helps you ensure that the content is being consumed.

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