A Case Study


With over 100 offices worldwide and an abundance of diverse assets to manage, MSLGROUP wanted to achieve a consistent way to communicate about their services and offerings to both employees and clients. Given the complex needs of a global agency, the company knew they needed a more clear, thoughtful, and scalable approach.


MSLGROUP partnered with Grovo to create a customized library of high-quality, short form videos that streamlined communication on all their products and services. Assessments were designed to measure the effectiveness of the training and confidence level of their employees who—armed with custom microlearning videos—were able to deliver the right information to clients more clearly and efficiently.


Even in the beginning phases of their learning program, MSLGROUP has garnered revenue-generating insight. By closely monitoring employee participation and engagement, forecasting and training is being optimized. But by far it’s the qualitative feedback from employees and clients that has proven the program’s value, having created business opportunities that go far beyond the scope of a successful L&D initiative. So far the partnership has:

  • Achieved initial program goals. Employees are logging in and learning, with noticeable spikes in participation and engagement that correlate with internal marketing and email campaigns.
  • Created office “buzz.” Internally produced micro content, such as a converted long-form webinar, is garnering enthusiastic user feedback.
  • Expanded use cases. MSLGROUP’s corporate university mid-term and finals testing was successfully launched using Grovo’s platform.

Fast and nimble

“Prior to using Grovo life at MSLGROUP moved at a very quick pace. The difference now is that we have a solution that can keep up with us.”

True convenience

“When someone has a question, I love being able to reply with a simple video link instead of a lengthy explanation or giant PowerPoint. This is huge.”

Refreshing results

“We’ve had a lot of fun using Grovo. I’ve been able to see firsthand how technology like this can transform an employee’s experience at work.”

Rachel Nathanson, Manager, Training & Development, MSLGROUP

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