A Case Study


Green Hills AEA was struggling to keep its employees up to date on cloud-based applications amid the swiftly evolving pace of technology. Past attempts at training were ineffective and inefficient: staff were unable to attend pre-arranged training sessions, or had to drive hours to a training site. Green Hills AEA wanted to upgrade employees’ skills on Google Apps, video conferencing, Gmail, and other digital tools.


One of Green Hills AEA’s instructional technology consultants discovered Grovo as she was looking for different online tools for agency employees and their students. She shared Grovo with other members of the team and agreed to pilot the Grovo platform. She found Grovo could quickly help with internal professional development, and address the diverse needs of the school districts.

Green Hills AEA partnered with Grovo in September, deploying simplified and effective digital skills training for its 303 employees.


  • Staff immediately felt the impact of training on digital tools they needed to do their jobs
  • Staff members reported innovative new solutions to digital challenges
  • Users watched more than 22,000 video lessons in one day on Grovo’s platform

A digital solution

“The distance between our offices, and the competing schedules faced by our staff, meant that traditional modes of professional development were not a good method for addressing our training needs.”

Industry-leading service

“Grovo representatives have been right there with us, to assist in our learning.”

On-demand support

“We knew we had to provide our staff with current and timely training on the digital tools they needed to do their jobs, and that were already being used by area schools.”

Daivd L. Varhorn, Ph.D., Associate Administrator, Green Hills AEA

More learning. Less management.

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