A Case Study


Launching a comprehensive training program was a problem that dogged the venerable American Kennel Club® (AKC) for years. With offices in North Carolina and New York as well as a number of traveling remote workers, scheduling in-house, classroom-based training sessions was challenging and cumbersome. From compliance issues to leadership skills, the AKC needed up-to-date learning and development (L&D) tools for its more than 300 employees.


Impressed by the variety of solutions offered, the AKC first partnered with Grovo to provide compliance training for select employees. They found the brief, flexible training modules perfect for training a busy, disparate staff—all in short, 5-10 minute bursts. Soon, the HR team expanded licenses to the entire organization, using fresh content and training modules to create tailored development programs for various roles. Employees accustomed to cumbersome classroom training now enjoy the short, no-nonsense format remotely and at their convenience, says AKC’s HR coordinator, Meaghan Dill. And the executive team loves it, too!


According to Director of HR, Ginger C. Bowen, Grovo saves her team time and resources, allowing AKC to easily deploy training at the company, department, and individual level. So far, some of the key benefits include:

  • Engaged users: AKC expanded its number of seats 225% in the first six months, with an impressive 95% engagement rate (three times the industry average).
  • Time savings: Training program administration is easier than ever, measurably slashing the time it takes to monitor and track learning initiatives.
  • Room for growth: Expansion plans include the revival of AKC University, a comprehensive training initiative incorporating live training sessions, videos, and other incentives.

Training on their own terms

“I love how you can split training into little sessions where you do 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there, or you can do a whole 30-minute training if you choose— whatever works for you.”

Something for everyone

“There are so many topics. Not only can we work on people, management and leadership skills, but also on hard skills like Microsoft Office or Google. New topics are being added all the time.”

Real results

“People say, ‘That was the most interesting discrimination training I’ve ever done.’ . . . The modules get through to people. They’re visually and audibly engaging.”

Meaghan Dill, Human Resources Coordinator, American Kennel Club

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