The proof is in the learning.
With Grovo Create, anyone can create and deliver engaging, effective microlearning lessons—from your L&D team to front-line managers, or even your CEO.


The people in your organization are chock-full of proprietary knowledge, best practices, and industry expertise. Your managers are knowledgeable, too: They know exactly what their people need to learn, and how to make it relevant to them.

But without a way to unleash all that knowledge, it’s not useful—and insights that could push your organization forward aren’t put into action.

Historically, there's never been an easy, scalable way to share knowledge trapped within an organization, and get everyone not just learning, but teaching.


Just add knowledge

Grovo Create is the first authoring tool that is easy enough for anyone across your organization to use—from your CEO to front-line managers. Create your lesson from scratch, or start with one of our templates. Drag and drop content to fill out your lesson: videos, gifs, audio, text, and quizzes. Assign it to the right people or group. From there, watch knowledge spread.

A better way to share

Grovo boosts the likelihood of your information being understood and retained. Once started, 97% of Grovo assignments are completed—making them more effective for sharing information than sending an email (which might not get opened), posting an article in your company’s intranet (which might not get read), or hosting a meeting (where minds can wander).

Anyone can use it

With Create, anyone and everyone can be a teacher. Front-line managers can share information to get their people working more effectively. Your support team can share insights from customer interactions. Your CEO can share company news. New hires can introduce themselves to the company. Even departing employees can spin up lessons covering their expertise—perfect for handing off to their replacements.

Crystal Black

Instructional Designer

IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group)

The creation process is awesome, and the production value is amazing.

How Grovo Helped



At InterContinental Hotels Group, customer service reps need the communication skills and online-savviness to support their customers—new-school digital skills you can’t build with old-school classroom training. IHG used Grovo to create custom lessons to go with our off-the-shelf lessons on digital and soft skills. As a result, onboarding time was slashed from five to two weeks, and new staff improved their performance scores. 
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