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Grovo is the only learning platform that enables fast, continuous learning at the moment of need—a career-enhancing perk that helps organization retain their employees.


In today's knowledge economy, your people are your biggest competitive advantage. However, keeping good talent is more challenging than ever.

A big reason: Millennials have overtaken Generation X as the largest generation in the American workforce. These notorious job-hoppers are seeking continuous learning that sets them up for the future, and they're not afraid to jump ship to get it. In fact, 42% of Millennials are planning to leave their current employers because they're note learning fast enough.

This turnover is expensive. There aren’t a lot of benefits to losing talent, but the right benefits—like continuous learning—can keep your talent.


Give them the knowledge to thrive

Grovo’s microlearning library includes thousands of engaging, bite-sized lessons covering the topics today’s employees need to succeed: soft skills that make them better at their jobs, digital skills that help them stay ahead of the curve, and management training that transforms good people into great leaders.

Engage them with daily learning

Employees love Grovo's fast, fun lessons and personalized learner home. Because employees see Grovo as a five-minute break to learn something new, 97% of assignments get finished once started, and the average user completes 50% more lessons than were assigned.

Keep them connected to your business

Easily spin up lessons to keep your employees up to date on the changes happening in your organization. With Grovo's content creator, design and deliver lessons that give your people the information they need on new policies and benefits, key hires, and company happenings. It can only make their lives better if they know about it.

Rachel Nathanson

Manager, Training and Development


We’ve had a lot of fun using Grovo. I’ve been able to see firsthand how technology like this can transform an employee’s experience at work.

How Grovo Helped


As a background screening company Asurint knows how often talent comes and goes—and how important professional development is to employee retention. With Grovo, Asurint helps its employees push their careers forward. In 2016, Asurint retained 90% of employees onboarded with Grovo. 82% of participants in their “Achieving Leaders” employee development program got promoted. And over 25% of lesson views are self-directed, meaning employees are taking professional development into their own hands.
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