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Grovo decreases onboarding time by 60%, so new employees can deliver for your business soon after they start.


Starting a new job is a time of great promise for new hires and their businesses, and it’s up to the onboarding process to deliver on that promise. But too many onboarding trainings fail, with materials that are boring, dense with information, and lengthy to complete.

The result? Employees feel overwhelmed and disengaged in their first days on the job. And businesses feel the burn, too—with new employees struggling to build the right knowledge and skills, and spending valuable time on training that doesn’t quite work.


Instantly engage new hires. 

Grovo’s off-the-shelf microlearning lessons feature rich media like videos, gifs, text, and quizzes to build lasting knowledge. They're short (under 5 minutes), to the point, and cover hundreds of key onboarding topics like security, benefits, and culture. Plus, they’re totally customizable to your business. 

Train anywhere, anytime. 

The Grovo learner platform is intuitive for anyone on social media. (Read: everyone.) Lessons are accessible on any browser, on any device, so new hires can train at work or even on the bus ride home.

Transform your traditional training in a flash. 

With Grovo Create, your HR and L&D teams can instantly turn bulky HR training into quick, informative microlearning lessons. Upload SCORM, powerpoint, and PDF files and watch them magically transform.

Save time with automated onboarding. 

Set your onboarding campaigns to be automatically assigned to new hires, saving you loads of time. And with real-time data on individual employees and lessons, you can make sure no new hire gets left behind.

Jordana Reim

Saatchi & Saatchi

The design is really clean, with a highly intuitive user interface, that makes training large numbers incredibly easy since we can onboard any new employee and assign training in minutes.

How Grovo Helped



At InterContinental Hotels Group, customer service reps need the communication skills and online-savviness to support their customers—new-school digital skills you can’t build with old-school classroom training. IHG used Grovo to create custom lessons to go with our off-the-shelf lessons on digital and soft skills. As a result, onboarding time was slashed from five to two weeks, and new staff improved their performance scores. 
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Live Person connects businesses to their customers with cloud-based technology. With new-school tech at its core, Live Person wanted to modernize onboarding, too. With Grovo, Live Person dropped onboarding time from nine to 3.5 months, transformed sales training into two-minute videos, and improved their new hires’ close rates.
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Onboarding quickly is crucial for Unified, a marketing and analytics company. When 50 new employees were hired—increasing staffing by 60%—traditional training couldn’t keep up. Now, Grovo helps Unified’s new hires learn the ropes quickly. “Learning things like Gmail shortcuts made our employees quicker at their jobs,” says Ethan Horne, Unified’s L&D lead.
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