The proof is in the learning.
Microlearning is 300% faster to produce, 50% less expensive, and 58% more engaging than traditional training—enabling L&D to do more with less.


Your learning and development team can make a crucial impact on your business. When your L&D team is effective, it leads to higher productivity, better performance, and a stronger, happier company. 

But that’s easier said than done. L&D is typically understaffed and under-resourced. With a small staff, L&D needs to meet shifting learning needs, find the time and money to create training that meets those needs, and be ready to quickly adjust and add new training.


Do more with less
Grovo empowers your L&D team with the tools to create and scale effective, engaging microlearning experiences in response to shifting learner needs. Microlearning is 300% faster to produce, 50% less expensive, and 58% more engaging than traditional training—enabling L&D to do more with less.

Create better training, faster
With Grovo Create, anyone across your organization - from IDs to SMEs - can quickly and easily create new microlearning lessons. Need a head start? Use our guided lesson templates or build your curriculum from Grovo’s library of customizable micro lessons.

Automate your learning programs
You’re busy enough, so we built our technology to eliminate hours of your manual workload. Grovo seamlessly pulls in employee data from your HRIS, allowing you to pre-plan and automate learning assignments at key employee milestones.

Get instant insights into performance
Once your people start using Grovo, you’ll get instant insights. What content are your people consuming most? How are various groups performing? Which employees need a nudge? Find out on your dashboard (or in your inbox).

Success in a few steps
Grovo is easy to get off the ground, and our customer success team will coach you in best practices. From there, Grovo is part and parcel with your company’s culture of learning—and with every completed Grovo assignment, L&D’s impact grows.

Hue DeLuca

Learning and Development Manager


People think L&D is all about retention, but we’ve helped people get promoted, become more effective managers, and take ownership of their career paths here at the company through learning. And Grovo has been our sidekick for all of those things.

How Grovo Helped


Cheryl Wolff, Buffini & Company’s Director of Training and Development, is responsible for maintaining the company’s culture of learning. She needs to create engaging content, assign and track trainings, and integrate learning into everything they do—as a team of one. Grovo supports and empowers her work. Employees are continuously engaged through blended learning, managers can track their employees’ progress, and more learning is easily scalable. Company events, wellness initiatives, team-specific trainings: following up is as simple as creating a lesson and hitting “assign.”
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