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Today’s employees say they only have 1% of their time to learn. Grovo makes learning fast, engaging, even fun, while helping Millennials boost the skills that can boost their careers.


Millennials name learning and development as one of the top benefits they look for when deciding to take or leave a job. But not just any training will do. Millennials’ attention is at a premium, and only the most engaging, digestible content breaks through. Compared to apps like Instagram and Snapchat, traditional training is a bore and a chore to sit through, and it doesn’t give millennials the chance to apply what they’re learning. 

Today’s employees say they only have 1% of their time to learn. How can you make those 24 minutes a week matter to your people and your company?


Capture their attention

Grovo combines bite-sized, high-impact content like videos, gifs, audio, and quizzes into an immersive experience that captures attention and makes learning stick. With Grovo, Millennials aren’t just watching. They’re interacting—and constantly enhancing their careers.

Put learning at their fingertips

With Grovo, Millennials can build the skills they need, the moment they need them, right from their personalized learner home. Just like accessing Netflix or Spotify, thousands of short, digestible lessons on everything from conflict resolution to design thinking are instantly at their fingertips, searchable on any device.

Invest in tomorrow's leaders

Fast-track your Millennials’ careers with management training that transforms them into leaders. Grovo's management training can help you drop turnover by paving a pathway to success for your millennial employees, boost engagement by ensuring their work is meaningful and purposeful, and make them happier with a learning-driven culture that fosters continuous improvement.

Ethan Horne

Marketing Associate


Attention spans are so short these days, 'bulky' isn’t going to be effective. You have to have bite-size content that’s easy to digest and understand, and on your own time. That’s so much better than a 5 hour PowerPoint

How Grovo Helped


A full-service background screening company, Asurint needed a learning strategy and solution that could streamline their existing training and promote professional development. Grovo’s high-quality microlearning content and ability to track results help Asurint move the needle on enhancing their talent. Grovo supports the “Achieving Leaders” employee development program—82% of whose participants received a promotion in 2016—and real-time results from other Grovo training supports even more promotions

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Before Grovo, nearly 50% of DDB’s employees were millennials already up to speed with basic digital skills—but they were anxious for broader types of learning. With Grovo, DDB launched a learning program focused on career development. Now, learning is real-time, more relevant, and immediately actionable, with a measurable uptick in employee engagement.
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Magellan Health prides itself on developing employees for the future, but the company was suffering from low engagement on its online training platform. With Grovo, employees have access to learning that fits into their busy schedules, and millennials can take charge of their careers in a meaningful way.
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