The proof is in the learning.
Good management isn't about what managers know. It's about what they do. Building lesson upon lesson, Grovo gives managers the tools, skills, and behaviors they need to succeed—and lead.


Good managers are good for business. It’s estimated that better managers can save businesses $360 billion annually in productivity by mobilizing, maximizing, and monetizing talent. But not everyone is a born leader, and traditional training often leaves new managers unprepared. 

Although almost every company offers management training, more than 87% of managers say that training comes too late to make a significant impact. Plus, 3 out of 4 managers agree that large volumes of info make management training hard to remember and apply. The problem isn’t the need for training—it’s the need for timely, effective, and engaging training.


Train at the moment of need
Grovo’s management training is available at the point of need. You can set up training to be automatically assigned right when any employee becomes a manager. They can also search and access thousands of micro lessons, like “How to Resolve Conflict on Your Team” or “Create the Right Environment for Innovation,” right when they matter most.

Progress every day

Training with Grovo is built into your managers’ workflow. Lessons are engaging and brief—not a full day of training that’s overwhelming, but five minutes a day that’s manageable and enjoyable. And because training is continuous through repetition and science-backed spacing, Grovo helps managers keep improving.

Learning that's fun and rewarding

92% of managers believe they'd be more likely to use new managerial skills if training were more engaging. Grovo’s microlearning content combines bite-sized, high-impact content like videos, gifs, audio, and quizzes. With Grovo, managers aren’t just watching. They’re interacting—and constantly enhancing their careers.


Customer Care Representative

InterContinental Hotels Group

Microlearning allows me to be better at my current job but also advance my career. I can learn different topics that interest me on my own time or between calls instead of having to take time out for classroom training, and those topics allow me to take steps towards where I'd eventually like to take my career.

How Grovo Helped


As a leader in the coaching and training industry, Buffini & Company take learning seriously. Needing a learning tool that its remote workers could access, the company quickly wove Grovo into nearly every part of its learning strategy. Grovo lets employees take their career development training into their own hands—a leading factor in Buffini & Company being named a Top Workplace in San Diego.
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A full-service background screening company, Asurint needed a learning strategy and solution that could streamline their existing training and promote professional development. Grovo’s high-quality microlearning content and ability to track results help Asurint move the needle on enhancing their talent. Grovo supports the “Achieving Leaders” employee development program—82% of whose participants received a promotion in 2016—and real-time results from other Grovo training supports even more promotions.
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