The proof is in the learning.
Navigating today’s fast-changing workplace requires continuously learning new skills, new behaviors, and new ways of thinking. Grovo supports a culture of learning where everyone’s a learner—and everyone’s a teacher.


Employees today need to respond to changes daily. Industries are getting more competitive, customer demands are shifting, and the tools and best practices people need to do their best work are changing fast. A culture of learning where people are encouraged, motivated, and supported to learn puts people in the mindset of constantly adapting to change and better prepares them for the future. With such a program in place, learning becomes an enormous competitive advantage. People become engaged, flexible, and more productive—directly impacting business outcomes.


Engage every employee, every day
Grovo creates cultures of learning by providing continuous training that engages learners through microlearning. Employees buy in: once started, 97% of Grovo assignments are completed, and the average user completes 50% more lessons than assigned. Plus, employees can access lessons on any device, any time.

Make important milestones count
With Grovo, learning is assigned and accessed right at the point of need—the moment where motivation is at its highest. Employees receive lessons timed to big—or small—milestones in their careers and get help taking the next step.

Transform your learners into teachers
With Grovo, you can build a culture of learning where everyone’s a learner—and everyone’s a teacher. Grovo Create empowers your managers, star performancers, and subject matter experts to create their own lessons to share critical knowledge.  When employees can not only consume but create learning moments that are valuable to their colleagues, they feel their employer is invested in their growth and success.

Create lasting change
Grovo isn’t just another LMS. It’s a learning method with a basis in cognitive and behavioral psychology. Our microlearning methodology is engineered to capture attention, motivate action, and make learning stick.

Chris Zoloth

Director of Customer Experience

InterContinental Hotels Group

With Grovo, the impact on engagement is amazing. We see people making time to learn. It’s changed the way we think about getting our people trained.

How Grovo Helped


DDB, a global marketing and advertising network, the millennial-heavy staff had outpaced the company’s online learning focusing on digital skills. Grovo was the scalable, learner-first solution—and it sparked learning right away. Employees responded to Grovo’s 60-second microlearning videos and easy-to-use platform with a measurable lift in engagement. Across the company, local teams and business leads can finally upload, assign, and report on the content that’s most valuable to their teams—and there are a lot of them, with Grovo scaling to reach 9,000 users in 90 agencies across 38 countries.
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