Build an inclusive culture with Grovo’s Diversity & Inclusion Microlearning® Program.

Check out the most effective way to engage your team with consistent Diversity & Inclusion messaging.
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Companies that embed Diversity & Inclusion into their culture, creating workplace inclusivity, are 300% more likely to be high performing and 500% more likely to be agile.

Compliance-Based Approach Is Ineffective: Most Diversity & Inclusion programs fail for two important reasons- they lack focus and they fail to have proper follow through.

In companies that emphasize a “traditional” reactive, compliance-based approach to Diversity & Inclusion, employees quickly understand that applying their learning is unnecessary, significantly undermining their ability to transfer new knowledge.

That is why Grovo’s Diversity & Inclusion Microlearning Program is uniquely suited to be successful. Microlearning emphasizes the “build over time” approach to learning, offering employees compelling moments that are integrated into their workflows to help them change behaviors progressively.

Check out some of our Diversity & Inclusion Microlearning® Library:

Create Accountability:

Grovo’s Diversity & Inclusion Microlearning Program targets the problematic mindsets and behaviors that create toxic and backward thinking workplace environments. When employees recognize that Diversity & Inclusion is more than an initiative, but an organizational priority, with metrics to be tracked, and a variety of learning opportunities, they commit to the process.

With Grovo’s Diversity & Inclusion Microlearning Program, any administrator can easily assign relevant Diversity & Inclusion content from our library to deploy impactful lessons cross-company. And then supplement our Microlearning Library using our Create feature to disseminate critical messaging from leadership on the importance of establishing and nurturing an inclusive workplace.  

Chris Zoloth

Director of Customer Experience

InterContinental Hotels Group

With Grovo, the impact on engagement is amazing. We see people making time to learn. It’s changed the way we think about getting our people trained.

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