Address Unconscious Bias with Free Microlearning
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What is unconscious bias?

Bias is an evolutionary trait that helps us accomplish everyday tasks like selecting an apple or avoiding oncoming traffic. However, when biases go unchecked in the workplace, we can end up inadvertently alienating, or even discriminating against, others—especially people who are different from us.

This is unconscious bias and it influences our workplace and how we make everyday decisions.

What can be done to mitigate unconscious bias?  

Addressing bias is a lifelong pursuit. Equipping employees with the knowledge and tools to identify and mitigate their biases in the course of their daily lives is a critical component of the solution. That’s why Microlearning is perfectly suited to tackle this ubiquitous challenge. It offers employees targeted lessons that can be taken on an ongoing and on-demand basis such that they can naturally learn how to recognize, examine and address bias over time.

We’re here to help

We believe it’s important that employees at every company should have the opportunity to learn and reflect on their own unconscious bias.

That’s why, starting today, you can explore our 20 Microlearning lessons on Unconscious Bias for free. Our lessons are broken into two tracks with 10 lessons each - Introduction to Unconscious Bias and Addressing Your Unconscious Bias. Check them out below.

Introduction to Unconscious Bias

Learn about the different types of bias and how bias can affect your decision making at work and beyond.

Address Your Unconscious Bias

Learn tactics to identify and examine your biases, and develop tools to help keep unconscious bias out of your decision making.

Microlearning can help with other corporate initiatives, too

In addition to helping companies navigate unconscious bias, Microlearning can help companies foster inclusive workplaces, improve communication, equip new managers with the skills they need to effectively lead their teams, and more. Read examples of how companies have benefited from Microlearning.

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