AARP Work & Jobs Digital Skills Inventory

Finding the right digital skills to get or keep a job is easier than you think.

AARP’s Work & Jobs Digital Skills Inventory will help you identify what technical skills you need to find a job or excel in a job you already have. Take the inventory, understand your strengths and areas for improvement, and then receive a recommendation for learning with our series of free innovative 60-second videos.

The inventory will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Take the Inventory

Explore the digital competencies

Technology to Stay Competitive

Learn how to stay competitive in the modern workplace.

Innovation, Creativity & Change

Learn how to promote creative thinking and execute changes in your organization.


Learn how to be more productive at work with technology tools and apps.

Computer Fundamentals & Security

Learn the fundamentals of computer security and privacy in the workplace.

Microsoft Office 2013

Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Search and Research

Learn how to search and research effectively across all devices.

Work Better From Home & on the Road

Learn how to work remotely and remain connected to your colleagues.