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Historically, the goal of the typical sexual harassment training was just to have training, period. Until today, no one was thinking about creating a learning experience that would lead to real change.

That’s why Grovo has created a very different brand of sexual harassment content. In addition to meeting the compliance requirements, it also targets critical mindsets and behaviors to catalyze meaningful change.

Our sexual harassment Microlearning content focuses on four priorities:

• Helping people address unconscious bias
• Empowering employees to spot symptoms of hostility
• Promoting an active bystander approach to speak up when harassment occurs
• Building a lasting culture of inclusion

Change is possible when you give people real, impactful learning opportunities that help them take accountability for their workplace culture, spot problematic trends, and find the words to speak up.

Take a look at what modern sexual harassment prevention training looks like. We’ve made 10 of our Microlearning lessons available for free, because we believe it’s important for anyone and everyone to learn how they can prevent and respond to sexual harassment.

Microlearning can help with other corporate initiatives, too

In addition to helping companies navigate sexual harassment, Microlearning can help companies foster inclusive workplaces, improve communication, equip new managers with the skills they need to effectively lead their teams, and more. Read examples of how companies have benefited from Microlearning.

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Modern learning that employees actually like

Grovo is modern learning that employees actually like. We help L&D teams engage employees and drive their business forward by delivering a relevant library of customizable Microlearning® lessons through an easy-to-use platform.

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Sample more Microlearning lessons

Our in-house team of instructional design experts continually creates and edits our library of 2000+ Microlearning lessons using our proprietary Microlearning® framework, organized into 10 Collections:

• Leadership
• Compliance
• Diversity
• Project Management
• Business Acumen
• Sales & Customer Relationships
• Communication
• Marketing
• Technology
• Personal Growth

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